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Ikebukuro Geek, who was born and raised along the Seibu Ikebukuro line, shares my favorite Ikebukuro.

I am a guide for private tours in Ikebukuro (I also started online).
If you like, please check the following site.

▼Ikebukuro Private Tour and Online Tour by Geek

Ikebukuro Private Tour and Online Tour by Geek


Ikebukuro Culture

Around Ikebukuro, there are cultural properties such as temples and shrines and architecture.
You can even climb Mt. Fuji.

Ikebukuro Manga and Animation

Ikebukuro is a “sanctuary of maidens(Otaku Girls)”.
Animation shops are concentrated.
In addition, there is “Tokiwa-so Manga Museum” built near the site of “Tokiwa-so”, the origin of manga, in Shiinamachi, one station on the Seibu Ikebukuro Line.

Ikebukuro’s Four Seasons

In Ikebukuro, you can enjoy wonderful scenery every season.



What kind of Remen do you like?

Noodles expect Ramen

Ikebukuro has good noodles expect Ramen!!


“Yosyoku” is a localized dish of Western food that suits the taste of Japanese people.

Poplar Foods

Access From Narita Airport and Haneda Airport To Ikebukuro

Train or Bus?

At Ikebukuro Station

You can eat lunch,dinner,leave your baggage at Ikebukuro Station.

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