Best Tori Paitan (Chicken) Ramen in Ikebukuro ,Tokyo【6Restaurants】

Best Tori Paitan (Chicken) Ramen in Ikebukuro ,Tokyo【6Restaurants】 Chiken(Chiken based soup)

In Ikebukuro, there are ramen shops with delicious chicken-based, chicken-paitan ramen, and tsukemen.

Ikebukuro locals will share the chicken paitan, chicken-based ramen, and tsukemen that they actually try and recommend.
I would be happy if it could be a reference for your shop selection (* ̄∇ ̄*)

1. Ikebukuro’s Chicken,Tori Paitan Ramen and Tsukemen【3 shops】

If you want to enjoy “Chicken,Tori Paitan Ramen” in Ikebukuro!
I recommend 3 shops.

1-1.Tori no Ana / 鶏の穴


“Chicken Ana” is located a little behind Meiji-dori at the east exit of Ikebukuro.

A chicken mark is engraved on the flavored egg, and the rich chicken soup and medium-thick noodles are well combined.

It was a small shop with only a counter, and I felt that there were many female customers.


1-2. MugiYa Hagure-gumo/麦屋浮浪雲

Ikebukuro Chicken Ramen/Hagure-gumo

It is a ramen shop like a hideaway, and the most popular is “Toripaitan soba”.

The slightly undulating straight surface is crisp and clean.
The spiciness of the crispy onions is a good stimulus.
I was overjoyed at the quail eggs (* ̄∇ ̄)ノ

1-3. Ginza Kagari Echika Ikebukuro/銀座 篝 池袋エチカ店

Ikebukuro Chicken Ramen/Ginza Kagari

Echika Ikebukuro’s consistently popular “Ginza Kagari”
Their flagship product, “Tori-paitan SOBA,” uses domestically-produced chicken bones and has a rich and delicate taste that brings out the umami to the maximum.
The presentation is beautiful.

Everything is elegant, and the atmosphere is closer to a small restaurant than a ramen shop.

>銀座 篝|Echika エチカ 池袋

2.Ikebukuro x Chicken base Ramen, Tsukemen【3 shops】

Ramen with a chicken-based soup instead of Tori Paitan broth.

2-1.Ramen Hayashida/らぁ麺はやし田

Ikebukuro SoySource(shoyu)Raman/Ramen Hayashida

In the busy alley of Ikebukuro East Exit, the dignified Ramen Hayashida Ikebukuro store.
You can enjoy clear ramen at the counter like a classy Japanese restaurant.

Duck and Daisen chicken are used sparingly, cooked, and the water is also carefully selected to create a more delicious soup.


2-2.Menya Hulu-lu/麺屋 Hulu-lu


Known for its “Hawaiian cafe-like ramen shop,” this warm shop is located in an alley in Nishi-Ikebukuro.

In fact, the soup is based on Kibi black chicken and Marudori chicken, and flavored vegetables.
The thin and hard straight noodles are homemade.




A ramen shop in the hinterland from Hulu-lu, a little far from Ikebukuro West Exit
refined and refined.
The soup bowl is hot!
Very thick noodles are smooth and delicious

The photo shows chicken with seafood Tsukemen , and there are also chicken soy sauce ramen and chicken salt ramen.


【Map】Ramen Restaurants Shops in Ikebukuro

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