Ikebukuro Chicken(Chicken based soup)Raman 【6shops】Tokyo, Japan

Ikebukuro Chicken(Chicken based soup)Raman 【5shops】Tokyo,Japan Chiken(Chiken based soup)
Chicken Ramen

Chicken soup Ramen does not mean that Chicken is on noodles.
They take soup stock with Chicken.
Nowhere in the world do you eat chicken.
Let’s enjoy how to take Japanese stock soup.

1.Ikebukuro Chicken(Chicken based soup)Raman 【5shops】

1-1.Ginza Kagari/銀座 篝 池袋エチカ店

Ikebukuro Chicken Ramen/Ginza Kagari
The rich and delicate soup that uses domestic brand chicken to maximize the flavor is delicious.

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1-2.Ramen Hayashida/らぁ麺はやし田 池袋店

Ikebukuro SoySource(shoyu)Raman/Ramen Hayashida
Thick chicken clear soup using “Duck and Oyama Dori” generously

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1-3.Men Katuragi/麺 かつら木

Ikebukuro SoySource(shoyu)Raman/Men Katuragi

They use domestic chicken broth, foot, Hirako Niboshi, Shiraguchi Niboshi, Sababushi (dried blue mackerel), Sodabushi(dried soda bonito)

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Ikebukuro Chicken Ramen/BUSHIKOTUMEN TAIZO
Not only chicken bones but also pork and seafood soup
There are shops not only at the west exit but also at the east exit

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You can eat RICH Torisoba, Chicken Ramen at 156ikebukuro .

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Ikebukuro Chicken Ramen/Hagure-gumo
I’ll show you RamenShop famous for ToribaitanRamen in Ikebukuro

The photo is Toribaitan at Hagure-gumo .
Toribaitan means Slow-cooked chickenbroth .
Roughly speaking,the chicken version of tonkotsu broth.

The menu was only in Japanese.
Let’s go with a friend who understands Japanese.

It’s not far from Ikebukuro station, but it’s a hideaway because it’s in an alley.

2.【MAP】Ikebukuro Chicken Ramen Shops

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