Best Tori Paitan,Seiyu (Chicken) Ramen in Ikebukuro ,Tokyo【8Restaurants】

Best Tori Paitan (Chicken) Ramen in Ikebukuro ,Tokyo【6Restaurants】 Chiken(Chiken based soup)

In Ikebukuro, there are ramen shops with delicious chicken-based, chicken-paitan ramen, and tsukemen.

Ikebukuro locals will share the chicken paitan, chicken-based ramen, and tsukemen that they actually try and recommend.
I would be happy if it could be a reference for your shop selection (* ̄∇ ̄*)

1. Ikebukuro’s Chicken,Tori Paitan Ramen and Tsukemen【5 shops】

If you want to enjoy “Chicken,Tori Paitan Ramen” in Ikebukuro!
I recommend 5 shops.

1-1.Tori no Ana / 鶏の穴


“Chicken Ana” is located a little behind Meiji-dori at the east exit of Ikebukuro.

A chicken mark is engraved on the flavored egg, and the rich chicken soup and medium-thick noodles are well combined.

It was a small shop with only a counter, and I felt that there were many female customers.


1-2. MugiYa Hagure-gumo/麦屋浮浪雲

Ikebukuro Chicken Ramen/Hagure-gumo

It is a ramen shop like a hideaway, and the most popular is “Toripaitan soba”.

The slightly undulating straight surface is crisp and clean.
The spiciness of the crispy onions is a good stimulus.
I was overjoyed at the quail eggs (* ̄∇ ̄)ノ

1-3. Ginza Kagari Echika Ikebukuro/銀座 篝 池袋エチカ店

Ikebukuro Chicken Ramen/Ginza Kagari

Echika Ikebukuro’s consistently popular “Ginza Kagari”
Their flagship product, “Tori-paitan SOBA,” uses domestically-produced chicken bones and has a rich and delicate taste that brings out the umami to the maximum.
The presentation is beautiful.

Everything is elegant, and the atmosphere is closer to a small restaurant than a ramen shop.

>銀座 篝|Echika エチカ 池袋

1-4.ChukaSoba Torikago/中華そばとりかご

【池袋西口】立教大学そば!中華そば とりかご

When you exit Ikebukuro Station from Exit C3 and head towards Rikkyo University, you will see a vertical sign that says “中華そばとりかご”.
As the name of the restaurant suggests, you can enjoy ramen that makes use of the delicious flavor of chicken.
There are tori seitan and tori paitan, so have fun deciding which one to choose.

>ChukaSoba Torikago/中華そばとりかご


Toribushi Tori Paitan Ramen, located at the foot of Sunshine City, is a rare Halal-certified ramen shop. There are only counter seats and few seats, so there is often a line. They will replace coriander with green onions, and I appreciate their attention to detail.


2.Ikebukuro x Chicken base Ramen, Tsukemen【3 shops】

Ramen with a chicken-based soup instead of Tori Paitan broth.

2-1.Ramen Hayashida/らぁ麺はやし田

Ikebukuro SoySource(shoyu)Raman/Ramen Hayashida

In the busy alley of Ikebukuro East Exit, the dignified Ramen Hayashida Ikebukuro store.
You can enjoy clear ramen at the counter like a classy Japanese restaurant.

Duck and Daisen chicken are used sparingly, cooked, and the water is also carefully selected to create a more delicious soup.


2-2.Menya Hulu-lu/麺屋 Hulu-lu


Known for its “Hawaiian cafe-like ramen shop,” this warm shop is located in an alley in Nishi-Ikebukuro.

In fact, the soup is based on Kibi black chicken and Marudori chicken, and flavored vegetables.
The thin and hard straight noodles are homemade.




A ramen shop in the hinterland from Hulu-lu, a little far from Ikebukuro West Exit
refined and refined.
The soup bowl is hot!
Very thick noodles are smooth and delicious

The photo shows chicken with seafood Tsukemen , and there are also chicken soy sauce ramen and chicken salt ramen.


【Map】Ramen Restaurants Shops in Ikebukuro

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