Ikebukuro Spicy Raman【3shops】Tokyo,Japan

Ikebukuro Spicy Ramen【2shops】Tokyo,Japan Food
Spicy Ramen

Ikebukuro has many ramen shops.
I will introduce spicy ramen.

1.Ikebukuro Spicy Ramen【3shops】

1-1.Mouko Tanmen Nakamoto/蒙古タンメン中本

Fifty years after its opening, it is popular mainly for spicy ramen, “There is umami in spiciness!”

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You can choice syoyuramen or shioramen +Tomato
This is aka-kujack (red peacock).
kujack means peacock in Japanese.
You can choose the type of noodles, the spices to add, or the toppings.
It was a Japanese menu, so let’s go eat with a friend who can speak Japanese.

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2.If you like spicy taste, How about TANTANMEN?

The characteristic of Tantan-men noodles is that they are numb and spicy.
The numbness is Japanese pepper and the spicy is hot pepper.

Ikebukuro Tantanmen【4shops】
Tantanmen is a kind of Ramen noodle. It is the typical Japanese-style localized Chinese Sichuan cuisinedandannoodles. ...

3.【MAP】Ikebukuro Ramen shops


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