Diner(Set Meal Shop)Ikebukuro,Tokyo, Japan

Diner(Set Meal Shop)Ikebukuro,Tokyo, Japan Food ,What to eat
Set Meal Shop

In Ikebukuro, there is a set meal shop where you can eat various side dishes little by little.
Mostly with rice and miso soup.
You can enjoy various dishes at once, so it is recommended for traveling alone.

1.Diner(Set Meal Shop)Ikebukuro


Diner(Set Meal Shop)Ikebukuro/Yobocho
You can eat KarashiYaki (porkpepper) at Yobocho in Ikebukuro .

The ticket vending machine has a photo.
Look at the pictures and buy your tickets.

1-2.Lunch HouseMitoya/ランチハウス ミトヤ

Diner(Set Meal Shop)Ikebukuro/Mitoya
Mitoya has various Lunchset Menu .
I ate Special Sauce Yakiniku Set Meal .

Mitoya’s homemade sauce is used to bake(grill?) pork.
The side dish is salad and curry-flavored spaghetti.
With rice and tonjiru (pork miso soup).

Menu is Japanese Only
There is a showcase outside the store.
Take a picture, show it to the staff and order(* ̄∇ ̄)ノ

1-3.Kitchen Nankai/キッチン南海

Ikebukuro Hamburg Steak/Kitchen Nankai
You can eat the basic menu of yoshoku at once.

  • Hamburgersteak
  • Croquette (← it looked like crab cream)
  • Chickencutlet
  • Currysauce (hamburg sauce)
  • napolitanspaghetti (no ingredients)
  • misosoup
  • rice


Diner(Set Meal Shop)Ikebukuro/Ootoya
OOTOYA is a nationally developed restaurant chain mainly focusing on Japanese Cuisine .

The best feature of OOTOYA is the authenticity of the many Japanesedishes , prepared in a homestyle manner.

Otoya has expanded into eight countries including Thailand, Taiwan and Indonesia.
The first store in Otoya is the Ikebukuro East Exit store.

The photo shows a set of black vinegared chicken and vegetables.
It is the popular No. 1 menu of Otoya, and is a favorite of Ikebukuro Geek.

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