Ikebukuro Gyoza【3Restaurants】Tokyo, Japan

Ikebukuro Gyoza【3Restaurants】 Food ,What to eat

Gyoza is one of the Chinese dishes from China.
In China, Boiled gyoza and steamed gyoza seem to be the main.
In addition, gyoza does not seem to be eaten as a side dish of rice.
Let’s enjoy the “Gyoza”, which has evolved uniquely in Japan, in Ikebukuro.

1.Ikebukuro gyoza【3Restaurants】

1-1.Kailaku Honten/Kaitraku main store/開楽本店

Ikebukuro Gyoza /Kailaku Honten
Founded in 1954
“Kairaku special handmade jumbo gyoza” is a juicy gyoza wrapped in a specially made skin with plenty of fresh vegetables and specially ground “upper meat”.

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1-2.Senjo Teuchi Gyoza Senmonten/Senjo Handmade Gyoza Shop/線條手打餃子専門店

Ikebukuro Gyoza /Senjo Teuchi Gyoza Senmonten
A shop known for its colorful dumplings
Uncolored, this color is derived from the color of the material.

1-3.I like gyozas more than three times meal a day/三度の飯より餃子好き 池袋餃子第一工場

Ikebukuro Gyoza /I like gyozas more than three times meal a day

This restaurant is typical japanesechinese called “macho cyuka”.
It is a new business type of Osaka Ohsho.
The lantern is lit on the second floor, and the atmosphere is good.
No English menu, let’s go with friends who can speak Japanese

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2.【MAP】Ikebukuro Gyoza shops

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