Japanese Omelette Rice(omurice) in Ikebukuro 【8shops】

Japanese Omelette Rice(omurice) in Ikebukuro Food
Omelette Rice

Omurice is a Japanese Western dish of cooked rice wrapped in egg like an omelet.
In general, ketchup rice is used for rice (with some exceptions).
The popular “Fluffy Omurice” on Youtube is called “Tanpopo Omelette” .
Although popular on Youtube, it is not very common as a Japanese omurice.

1.The shop you can eat “Fluffy Omurice” on Youtube called “Tanpopo Omurice”

“Fluffy Omurice” on Youtube is called “Tanpopo Omurice”
Although popular on Youtube, it is not very common as a Japanese omurice…
Because it became known in the movie “Tanpopo(means Dandelion)” directed by Juzo Itami.

The “Tanpopo Omurice” will be provided in 3 minutes 48 seconds of the popular video on YouTube.

1-1.Taimeiken in Ikebukuro Seibu Department Store(BF)/日本橋たいめいけん(西武池袋本店地下1階)

OmuRice in Ikebukuro/Taimeiken
You can eat popular menus of Western restaurants in Nihonbashi at the eat-in corner on the first basement floor of Seibu Department Store.

Unlike youtube videos,
Not chicken rice but ketchup rice,
Ketchup instead of Demigra sauce

There is no English menu, so let’s go with friends who can speak Japanese.

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2.Omelette Rice(Omurice) 【7 Restaurants】 in Ikebukuro

2-1.Kitchen Check(キッチンチェック)

OmuRice in Ikebukuro/Kitchen Chec
Kitchen Check is a Western restaurant that has been in Ikebukuro for over 50 years.
It is a famous Western-style restaurant in Ikebukuro.

2-2.Ikebukuro OchiaiTei/池袋落合亭

OmuRice in Ikebukuro/Ikebukuro OchiaiTei
You can eat Omelette Rice with octopus-shaped wiener at Ikebukuro Ochiaitei .
It has butter rice in it .

The menu seemed to be in Japanese only.
Let’s go eat with friends who can speak Japanese.

2-3.Grill MOZU/グリル百舌

OmuRice in Ikebukuro/Grill MOZU
Grill Mozu is a Western-style (Yoshoku) restaurant that has been for a long time in Ikebukuro.
You can have Omelet Rice topped with demiglace sauce at grill MOZU.

2-4.Kitchen ABC(キッチンABC)

Kitchen ABC(キッチンABC)
You can eat OmuCurry at Kitchen ABC in Ikebukuro .
It’s a drycurry wrapped in an omelet and topped with blackcurry .

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2-5.KANDA TAMAGOKEN(神田たまごけん 東池袋店)

OmuRice in Ikebukuro/KANDA TAMAGOKEN
Light and fluffy scrambled egg covering a tomato-flavored chicken and vegetable pilaf.
You can choose your favorite sauce to go on top.

There is an English menu, so it will be easy to enter.

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OmuRice in Ikebukuro/KANDA TAMAGOKEN
OMS ‘s signature dish is Omu-hayashiRice .

Eat with butter rice wrapped in a dress-like egg with hashed beef

There was no English menu.
There is a picture on the menu, so let’s order it with pointing

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They have no English menu
Take a photo with your smartphone and order with your finger.

2-7.Sun Hamana(サン浜名)

Sun Hamana(サン浜名)
You can eat round omurice at sunhamana in Higashi Ikebukuro.
Maniac Chinese coffee shop in Ikebukuro…

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