Ikebukuro Japanese CurryRice【16 Restaurants】Tokyo,Japan

Ikebukuro Japanese CurryRice【8 Restaurants】Tokyo,Japan Curry

According to the official website of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, curry was born in India, raised in the UK, and came to Japan after the Meiji era.
And like other foods, it has evolved in Japan.
Let’s enjoy Japanese curry rice.

1.Directly connected to the Ikebukuro station!Curry Rice 【2 Restaurants】

Because it is directly connected to Ikebukuro Station, you can find curry rice without hesitation.

1-1.[Tobu Department Store Underground] Popular in Kansai and Nagoya! Curry House San Marco

[Tobu Department Store Underground] Popular in Kansai and Nagoya! Curry House San Marco

“San Marco Tobu Ikebukuro Store” is located on the second basement floor of the Tobu Department Store’s Plaza Building.
A curry restaurant with a concept of European curry, mainly in Kansai.

At Curry House San Marco, peanuts, pineapples, raisins, and cucumbers are all you can choose for your own toppings.

Let’s enjoy curry rice with your own combination (* ̄∇ ̄)ノ

>Curry House San Marco

1-2.[Seibu department store rooftop]Hokuto Curry/ホクトカレーinカレーピクニック


curry shop on the roof of the Seibu Ikebukuro department store.
Curry and rice under the blue sky is exceptional.
It is recommended when the weather and climate are good ♪

>Hokuto Curry offcial instagram

1.Ikebukuro【EAST】 Japanese CurryRice【7 Restaurants】

2-1.Tiger Bon Bon/ティガボンボン

Tiger Bon Bon/ティガボンボン
You can eat Mountain Chicken Cutlet Curry at Tiger BonBon in Sunshine City Alpa 3F.
It looks naughty, but it was a curry with a Western-style restaurant.

>Tiger Bon Bon offcial site

2-2.Moyan Curry Ike/もうやんカレー 池

Moyan Curry Ike

Moyan has CurryBuffet at lunchtime
If you pay money , you will be given a plate
Serve what you want to eat.
If you don’t understand Japanese, it’s probably okay

▼Offcial website
Moyan Curry

2-3.Ginger & Star Cafe

Ikebukuro Japanese CurryRice/Ginger & Star Cafe

I had takibi-curry at ginger and star cafe.
“Takibi curry” was created after the Great East Japan Earthquake.
As many people as possible to eat warm curry,Creating many employment opportunities for someone to need.
It seems that the project of the purpose was derived.

▼Offcial site
Ginger & Star Cafe Offcial site



A hidden cafe near Kishimojin
Coconut milk was healed with a gentle yuru curry.

>yurucafe offcial facabook

2-5.AIN SOPH. Sora/アインソフソア

お洒落なビーガンカフェ!AIN SOPH. Sora(アインソフソア)

A vegan restaurant and vegan cafe along the highway.
Of course, the curry is also vegan.
Even if you are not a vegan, you can enjoy it as a stylish cafe.

>AIN SOPH. Sora Offcial site


ゴーゴーカレー池袋東口スタジアム/ 池袋サンシャイン中央通りスタジアム

Go Go Curry is a chain store of ” #KanazawaCurry “.
Kanazawa is the name of a city in the Hokuriku region of Japan.
They offer curries commonly eaten in Kanazawa.

▼Offcial website

2-7.Shigekiteki Natural Restaurant plAin

東池袋の間借りカレー!シゲキテキ自然派食堂 plAin(プレイン)

plAin is open for rent from Wednesday to Saturday from 11:00 to 15:00.
The place is “Acoustic Folk Bar Players” right next to Higashi-Ikebukuro Station Exit 3.
Beautiful looking, no additives, no chemical seasonings, gluten-free natural spice curry

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Shigekiteki Natural Restaurant plAin

3.Ikebukuro【WEST】 Japanese CurryRice【4 Restaurants】

3-1.Curry is a NOMIMONO(drink)/カレーは飲み物。

Curry is a NOMIMONO(drink)/カレーは飲み物。

After many twists and turns, “Curry is a drink” has returned to the promised land.
It’s fun to choose 3 kinds of toppings.
You don’t have to drink curry rice, so please enjoy it.

>Curry is a NOMIMONO(drink)

2-1.3-2.Kasei(Mars) Curry/火星カレー

Ikebukuro Japanese CurryRice/Kasei Curry

Kasei Curry has unique curry
Kasei(火星) means Mars in Japanese,
Photo is bean curry .
Original curry roux and beans are topped on rice

There is also a curry with kangaroo and duck toppings.
You can order by looking at the ticket vending machine illustration.

Kasei Curry Offcial FB

3-3.Curry House/カレーの家

Ikebukuro Japanese CurryRice/Curry House

The curry at this shop is made by baking roux in the oven.
You can add tonkatsu, croquette, etc.
Chicken wings are recommended.
The ticket machine has a little English explanation.

Curry House Offcial website


Ikebukuro Japanese CurryRice/HANABAR
HANABAR is a cafe known for its flowers you can eat.
HANA(花) means flowers in Japanese.
At lunchtime, you can enjoy Thai curry and a set of color-changing anchantea.

HANABAR Offcial website

4.near Ikebukuro【KANAMECHO】 CurryRice【3 Restaurants】

4-1.Curry Punje/カリープンジェ

Ikebukuro Japanese CurryRice/Curry Punje

Keemacurry & soup at Curry Punje between Ikebukuro and Kanamecho.
It has a unique taste that can only be eaten here.

Curry Punje Offcial twitter

4-2.Kaeru Syokudo/かえる食堂

Ikebukuro Japanese CurryRice/Kaeru Syokudo
You can have full of delicate nuances CurryRice at Kaeru Syokudo in Kanamecho 1stop from Ikebukuro .

Of course, you can also walk from Ikebukuro.
The Japanese word “かえる/kaeru” means “frog”, and the frog is smiling at the shop.

Kaeru Shokudo Offcial twitter

4-3.Ramen Itsuki/らーめん樹(いつき)


Pork bone curry from a pork bone ramen shop
It came with eggs by default and was very meaty( ̄▽+ ̄*)


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