Ikebukuro Gyukatsu(Beef cutlet)【3shops】Tokyo, Japan

Ikebukuro Beef(Gyukatsu)【2shops】Tokyo, Japan Beef

Ikebukuro has shops that offer beef in various styles.
Enjoy beef in a style that fits you( ̄▽+ ̄*)

>Ikebukuro Roast Beef Bowl

1.Ikebukuro Gyukatsu【3shop】

Gyukatsu is beefcutlet .
It is Japanese dish which beef battered and fried.

1-1.Gyukatsu Motomura/牛カツもと村 池袋店

Ikebukuro Gyukatsu/Gyukatsu Motomura
【Gyukatsu Motomura】have been having a strong mind to get beef cutlets to be for japanese cuisine culture.

Midium rare which is how them cooked, then broil them over the stone plate and put a bit of wasabi and soysource to it.

English, Chinese and Korean menus available

▼Offcial website

1-2.Gyukatsu Iroha/牛カツ いろは

Gyukatsu Iroha/牛カツ いろは

You can eat rare GyuKatsu, Beefcutlet at Gyukatsu Iroha .
You can cook to your liking on the stove.

1-3.Gyukatsu and Japanese set meal Kyoto KatsuGyu/牛カツと和定食 京都勝牛

牛カツと和定食 京都勝牛

It is located on the 12th floor of the restaurant area Spice in Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro.
Medium rare beef cutlet is served in a set meal style.
You cannot control the doneness yourself.

>Gyukatsu Kyoto KatsuGyu Official sote

【Map】Ikebukuro Beef shops

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