Ikebukuro Beef(Roast/Bowl/Gyukatu)【7shops】

Ikebukuro Beef(Roast/bowl)【4shops】 Beef

Ikebukuro has shops that offer beef in various styles.
Enjoy beef in a style that fits you( ̄▽+ ̄*)

1.Ikebukuro Roast Beef Bowl/Aburasoba【3shop】

1-1.Roast beef Ohno Ikebukuro/ローストビーフ大野

The picture above is a refreshing roast beef bowl set from Australia.
If you’ve come to Japan,I recommend roast beef bowl, which is a Japanese black beef with A4 rank or higher, and is heated slowly for 7 hours at low temperature!
It seems that you can taste the melting feeling of beef
There is an English menu

▼Offcial website

1-2.R beckers/Rベッカーズ

You can have Roast beef mountain at R beckers in Ikebukuro east exit .
Topping the Hotspring egg.
Roast Beef on a pile of rice.
There is a menu with English.

You can also order by touch panel.
Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean

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1-3.Roast Beef Aburasoba Beefst

Aburasoba is a kind of ramen noodle without soup.
Eat with sauce and noodles in the bottom of the bowl.
Roast beef is topped with aburasoba in this shop.

I didn’t see the English menu, so let’s go with friends who can speak Japanese.

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2.Ikebukuro Beef Bowl/Gyudon【1shop】


Ushiwakamaru is a beef bowl restaurant that originated in Ikebukuro.
There is only in Ikebukuro yet.

The photo shows the simple beef bowl.
The shop recommends “Kitune Gyudon” with a specially made stewed Atuage(thick fried tofu) topped on top of the gyudon.

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3.Ikebukuro Yakiniku【1shop】

3-1.Yakiniku Like/焼肉ライク

This is a restaurant where you can enjoy yakiniku alone.
Smokeless roaster so you don’t have to worry about smell or smoke
Official site is only in Japanese
However, there is an English menu on the touch panel inside the store.

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4.Ikebukuro Meatsushi/Nikusushi【1shop】

4-1.MIHACHI/御八 池袋店

You can offer Yonezawa beef in the best condition
Meat dishes such as motsu-nabe, horse sashimi, and yakitori
There are more than 30 types of sake from all over Japan.
* Charge is required

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5.Ikebukuro Gyukatu【1shop】

5-1.Gyukatsu Motomura

【Gyukatsu Motomura】have been having a strong mind to get beef cutkets to be for japanese cuisine culture.

Midium rare which is how them cooked, then broil them over the stone plate and put a bit of wasabi and soysource to it.

English, Chinese and Korean menus available

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【Map】Ikebukuro Beef shops


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