Ikebukuro Tsukemen【10 Shops】Tokyo,Japan

Ikebukuro Tsukemen【9 Shops】 Ramen/tukemen

Tsukemen is similar to Ramen.
Noodles and soup are served separately.
You dip the noodles into the dipping soup(broth) and eat them.
Most shops have tsukemen and ramen( ̄ー ̄)o゛

1.Located in Ikebukuro Station【1 shop】

These shops are located inside Ikebukuro Station.
It is convenient when you have no time but hungry.

1-1.Tokyo Underground Ramen Ganja/頑者 東京アンダーグラウンドラーメン

Ikebukuro Tsukemen/Tokyo Underground Ramen Ganja
The shop has W soup, that mixes chicken soup and pork bone-based animal soup with fish soup such as dried bonito and bonito.

This shop was the first to use “fishmeal”, an ingredient often seen in tsukemen,

English menu available.
Please ask staffs.

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2.Ikebukuro East Tsukemen【5 shops】

2-1.Chisomen Mamiana/馳走麺 狸穴

Ikebukuro Tsukemen/Chisomen Mamiana
Tukemennoodle is Dippingnoodles (ramen) with dippingsauce
Similar to ramen but the noodles and broth are in separate bowls which you dip and eat like soba.
Add the soup to the remaining dipping sauce and drink it.
Ticket vending machines have English notation.

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2-2.Higashi Ikebukuro Taishoken Honten/東池袋 大勝軒 本店

Ikebukuro Tsukemen/Higashi Ikebukuro Taishoken Honten
Higashi Ikebukuro Taishoken Honten inherits the gene of the legend of the ramen world Kazuo Yamagishi .

The photo is Tsukemen.
Higashi Ikebukuro Taishoken is said to be the original.
Old store memories.
English menu on the ticket machine.
There is also a terrace seat.
The view is not so good.

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2-3.Ganso Mentai Nikomi Tsuke-men/元祖めんたい煮こみつけ麺

Ikebukuro Tsukemen/Ganso Mentai Nikomi Tsuke-men
“MENTAi” means Mentaiko.
Mentaiko is spicy cod roe.
It is usually served hot on rice.

NIKOMIi means stew or boil well.

This deish is Tsukemennoodles add spicy cod roe to dipping sauce and boiled well.
It would be more fun to go with friends who understand Japanese.

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2-4.Tsukemenya Yasubei/つけ麺屋 やすべえ

Ikebukuro Tsukemen/Tsukemenya Yasubei
The thick noodles and soup were entangled and delicious.
Add the soup to the remaining dipping sauce and drink it
Ticket vending machines available in Japanese only
It maybe hard to order…

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2-5.Takinokawa Taishoken/滝野川 大勝軒

Ikebukuro Tsukemen/Takinokawa Taishoken
You can eat dippingnoodles at Takinokawa Taishoken .
They inherit the taste of Higashi Ikebukuro Taishoken, the originator of tsukemen.
There is also an English menu.

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3.Ikebukuro West Tsukemen【4 shops】

3-1.Mentoku nidaime Tsujita/めん徳 二代目 つじ田

Ikebukuro Tsukemen/Mentoku nidaime Tsujita

The following are recommended for eating Tsujino Tsukemen

  1. Squeezing the sudachi
  2. Sprinkle with black shichimi
  3. Broth split (put the soup in the remaining soup and drink it)

Double happiness is on the bottom of the bowl
Ticket vending machines are available in English.

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3-2.TsukemenYa Nobunaga/つけ麺屋 のぶなが

Ikebukuro Tsukemen/TsukemenYa Nobunaga
In Nobunaga, Tsukemen broth comes into a thick container.
So the tukemen broth remains hot.

Add the soup to the broth and drink
Ticket vending machines are in Japanese only.
Let’s visit with friends who can speak Japanese.

3-3.GaGaNa Ramen/ガガナラーメン

Ikebukuro Tsukemen/GaGaNa Ramen
GaGaNa Ramen is Popular for HORMONE Tsukemen.
HORMONE means grilledoffal or grilledinnards .
Tsukemen is a ramen dish.

Although it is not shown in the picture, the hormone is rumbling in the soup…

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3-4.Vegetable Potage Tsukemen Enji/ベジポタつけ麺 えん寺

Ikebukuro Tsukemen/Vegetable Potage Tsukemen Enji

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