Tetsugakudo Park!Train your spirit,Tokyo

Tetsugakudo Park!Train your spirit,Tokyo Culture
Tetsugakudo Park

1.Basic Information about Tetsugakudo Park

Tetsugakudo Park is not a Japanese garden.
Established as a place for spiritual training, it is a park that visually expresses the philosophical world and has been developed as a place for philosophy and social education.

Neighbors are familiar with the lush and cozy park.
Tetsugakudo Park is designated as a scenic park in Tokyo.

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2.What to see,to do at

2-1.All season

rice cracker@Tetsugakudo Park
At Tetsugakudo Park, there is a famous rice cracker.
It is sold at the shop behind the baseball stadium and near the old building.
You can sit on the bench and eat it, or you can use it as a souvenir.

2-2.Spring(March to May)

sakura@Tetsugakudo Park

Tetsugakudo Park

There is a tower that can be inferred to be the cover of “Manga michi”.
There is also a baseball stadium where young cartoonists who lived in Tokiwa-so played baseball (renewed in 2020).

2-3.Autumn(September to November)

Tetsugakudo park
The time of autumn leaves is different between the area around the tower and the area around the pond.
The tower is fast and the pond is slow.
Visit twice if you can.

3.Access to from Ikebukuro

About 20 minutes from Ikebukuro Station West Exit on bus
It is about 20 minutes on foot from Tokiwaso MangaMuseum

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4.What to See,to do Near

There was Tokiwa-so, which is said to be the “origin of manga”, 20 minutes on foot.
At Tokiwa-so, Osamu Tezuka, Hiroo Terada, Fujiko・F・Fujio, Fujiko Fujio A, Shotaro Ishinomori, Fujio Akatsuka and others were working hard. (Titles omitted)
“Tokiwa-so Manga Museum” was built in the park near the site to imitate Tokiwa-so.

Tokiwaso Manga Museum(Toshima City,Tokyo,Japan)Origin of Japanese Manga
Manga and anime are the representative cultures of Japan. The origin was the wooden two-story apartment called "Tokiwa-s...

5.【MAP】Park + Japanese Garden near Ikebukuro

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