Curry Udon Noodles in Ikebukuro【3 restaurant】

Curry Udon Noodles in Ikebukuro【3 restaurant】 Curry

Udon is thin and long noodles made by kneading wheat flour and water that is then boiled and eaten.
Generally, it is eaten with hot soup.

There are many different kinds of udon in Japan.
Here I’ll share “CURRY UDON”.
It is an Udon noodles in a hot, thick curry soup.

1.Curry Udon Noodles in Ikebukuro【3 restaurant】


I recommend Spicy Curry Udon .
Not just Curry Udon

Homemade curry soup is topped on the crispy noodles.

The menu seems to be Japanese only, so let’s go eat with a friend who can use Japanese.


I’ll show you creativenoodle restaurant ANPUKU

At Anpuku, udon is cooked freely.

The photo is beef black curryudon.
It is in harmony with the Japanese stock

1-3.Curry Udon Hikari/カレーうどんひかり

This shop has verious curryudonnoodles …

It passes through the semi-underground of the building.
It’s a hideaway shop.

I didn’t see the English menu.
Let’s go with a friend who understands Japanese.

It becomes an izakaya at night.
If you only want to eat, visit at lunchtime.

▼Official website

2.【MAP】Curry Udon Noodles in Ikebukuro

▼General udon is delicious

Ikebukuro Udon Noodle【6shops】Tokyo,Japan
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