Curry Udon Noodles in Ikebukuro【5 restaurant】

Curry Udon Noodles in Ikebukuro【3 restaurant】 Curry

Udon is thin and long noodles made by kneading wheat flour and water that is then boiled and eaten.
Generally, it is eaten with hot soup.

There are many different kinds of udon in Japan.
Here I’ll share “CURRY UDON”.
It is an Udon noodles in a hot, thick curry soup.

1.Curry Udon Noodles in Ikebukuro【5 restaurant】


Curry Udon Noodles in Ikebukuro/Suzuriya
I recommend Spicy Curry Udon .
At a reasonable price, you can enjoy everything from standard menus such as fox udon and zaru udon to creative udon such as Sichuan spicy udon. There are also plenty of snacks available.

One of the most popular is the “Spicy Curry Udon” topped with homemade curry. There was plenty of ground meat and tomatoes, and I could gradually feel the spice after eating it.

There is this main store near Minami-Ikebukuro Park and the Minami-Ikebukuro store along Meiji Dori. This time I shared the main store. You can eat spiced curry udon at either location.

>【食べログ】うどん処 硯家 本店(Main Store)

>【insta】うどん処 硯家 南池袋店


Curry Udon Noodles in Ikebukuro/Anpuku
Anpuku is a restaurant where you can enjoy creative udon noodles that taste like pasta. Their signature menu is the “Special Carbonara Udon” made with bonito stock.

There are over 50 types of udon on the menu, including not only creative udon but also simple KAMAAGE udon. Of course, They also have curry udon, 8-hour simmered beef tendon black curry udon (warm).

There is also a course menu that includes all-you-can-drink, so it is also recommended for drinkers.

>あんぷく 池袋店

1-3.Curry Udon Hikari TOKYO/カレーうどんひかり TOKYO

Curry Udon Noodles in Ikebukuro/Curry Udon Hikari
At Curry Udon Hikari TOKYO, you can choose your favorite curry udon from a variety of curry udon for lunch.

We recommend the “Adult Curry Udon,” which uses 20 kinds of secret spices, soup stock, and custom-made udon noodles. It’s warm.

In the evening, you can eat curry udon with a meal-only set menu that includes “adult curry udon”, but it seems that customers using the izakaya have priority. If you want to enjoy curry udon, we recommend visiting during the day.

▼Official website


フォント萌え!1969年創業 満留賀(まるか)
Founded in 1969, it has been loved by Bukuro people ever since.
It’s not an authentic spiced curry, but a somewhat nostalgic curry filled with pure pork, served with shiny seirodon ( ̄Д ̄)ノ
They also have curry nanban, so if you want regular curry udon, I recommend that.

It might be a good idea to use it as a bar as there is a wide selection of a la carte dishes and alcoholic beverages.

>満留賀 (まるか)

1-5.Yamashita Honki Udon

【池袋西口】うどんに生卵がからむ!山下本気うどん/Yamashita Honki Udon
“Yamashita Honki Udon Ikebukuro Kitaguchi” will appear at the west exit (north) of Ikebukuro Station in the spring of 2024.

The udon noodles are apparently made in-house every day, and have a chewy, wheat flavor. You can enjoy a wide variety of udon, from standard menu items such as kake udon, zaru udon, and bukkake udon to creative udon served with cream.

There is also a twist to the curry udon. “Karebonara Udon”, which is udon noodles mixed with raw egg, is a masterpiece that goes beyond curry udon. They’re open 24 hours a day (early morning and late night charges apply), so you can always find delicious udon noodles.

>Sanuki men Yamashita Honki Udon

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