Kishimojin Temple(Zoshigaya)No horns demon,Tokyo

Kishimojin Temple(Zoshigaya)No horns demon,Tokyo Culture

1.Basic Information about kishimojin Temple

Kishimojin Temple

Kishimojin Temple

“Kishimojin” is enshrined as a bodhisattva without horns.

Kshimoji was a Goddess who was feared and hated by people because she took and ate the infants in the neighborhood.
Shaka hid her youngest child.
She mourned.

Shaka warned, “It’s like losing only one child out of a thousand. What is it like when you eat a child, the mourning of your parents?”

There she realized for the first time her mistakes.
After that, she vowed to become a god of childbirth and child-rearing, and became revered by people.

Basic Information about kishimojin Temple
The word “鬼” has horns (upper part), but the “demon” of the Kishimojin has no horns on it.

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2.What to see,to do at kishimojin Temple

2-1.All season

kishimojin Temple@All season
Let’s buy and eat sweets at “Kamikawaguchiya”, which was founded in 1781.

kishimojin Temple@All season
Let’s pray at “Takeyori Inari Shrine” where red torii gates are lined up

2-2.Summer(June to August)

Hydrangea beside Kishimojin-do Temple

Kishimojin-do Temple

Not in kishimojindo but out of kishimojin-do temple,you can see Hydrangea .

2-3.Autumn(September to November)



The ginkgo tree, which is said to be 700 years old, is dyed yellow.

3.Access to from Ikebukuro

10 minutes on foot (800m)

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4.【MAP】Japanese Garden near Ikebukuro


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