Ikebukuro Manga/Animation Shop(Tokyo,Japan)

Ikebukuro Manga/Animation Shop(Tokyo,Japan) Culture

There were Tokiwa-so between Shiina-machi and Higashi-Nagasaki, one stop and two stops on the Seibu Ikebukuro line from Ikebukuro.
I will share places where you can enjoy manga and anime, including sacred places for manga.

1.Manga/Animation in Ikebukuro East

1-1.Floor for Gundam goods(LABI1 Ikebukuro Mobile Dream Kan)

Yamada Denki’s LABI1 Ikebukuro Mobile Dream Hall has a dedicated floor for Gundam goods (Gunpla).
There are tools so that you can make purchased Gunpla on the spot.

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1-2.EVANGELION STORE TOKYO-01(Ikebukuro P’PARCO 2nd floor)

The 9th anniversary will be reached in November 2020.

All items of “EVANGELION” such as apparel items, figures and miscellaneous goods are available.

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2.Manga/Animation in Ikebukuro West

2-1.Jungle(ikebukuro Marui 7th floor)

A full assortment of anime goods centered on figures.
They heve a wide range of anime goods, mainly used figures, key chains, stationery, and apparel.
Mazinger Z is standing.

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3.Sunshine City

Sunshine City has meny animation or manga or game shops

3-1.PokeMon Center Mega Tokyo

SunshineCity in Ikebukuro has Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo and Pikachu-Sweets by Pokemon Cafe.

Therefore, there are many places where you can take a commemorative photo with poketmonsters and pikachu

Ikebukuro means Go “Fukuro”
“Fujyro” means No trouble,Owl.

Therefore, there are characters from the owl.

Let’s take photos with them( ̄Д ̄)ノ

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3-2.ONE PIECE Mugiwara Store(麦わらストア)

The largest “ONE PIECE” official goods shop in history.
More than 10,000 original and anime items!
There are plenty of limited goods that can only be purchased at the Mugiwara (Straw)Store.

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3-3.Donguri kyowakoku(どんぐり共和国)

The Donguri kyowakoku offers a variety of character goods that are familiar with Studio Ghibli, such as “My Neighbor Totoro” and “Kiki’s Delivery Service”.

There is a bus stop outside the shop.
Totoro is waiting for the bus.

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Japan Animation Official Shop which handles character goods of Japanese animation productions
You can meet Raccoon Rascal and Chibimarukochan

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3-5.Kin29shop(KINNIKU MAN)

Sunshinecity ALTA has KIN29SHOP in Ikebukuro
He is Kinniku man(←It means Muscle fighter) , superhuman .

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4.There is the origin of Manga “Tokiwa-so” near Ikebukuro

Tokiwaso Manga Museum(Toshima City,Tokyo,Japan)Origin of Japanese Manga


Tokiwaso Manga Museum(Toshima City,Tokyo,Japan)Origin of Japanese Manga
Manga and anime are the representative cultures of Japan. The origin was the wooden two-story apartment called "Tokiwa-...

5.【MAP】Manga/Animation near Ikebukuro

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