Spaghetti Napolitan (Japanese food) Ikebukuro【6 Restaurants】Tokyo, Japan

Spaghetti Napolitan (Japanese food) Ikebukuro【6 Restaurants】Tokyo, Japan Food ,What to eat

Spaghetti Napolitan is a Japanese pasta dish, not an Italian or Naples dish.
There is a dish called “Spaghetti alla Napoletana” with a similar name, but it is completely different.

Typically the dish consists of spaghetti, tomato ketchup or a tomato-based sauce, onion, button mushrooms, green peppers, sausage or bacon.
Because it is sweeter, it is recommended for children ,too.


1.Inside or directly connected to Ikebukuro Station! Neapolitan recommended



Directly connected to Ikebukuro Station! At Nihonbashi Taimeiken Seibu Ikebukuro, I ate Neapolitan with fluffy omelet.

The chef draws a heart with ketchup, which makes my heart beat a little ( ̄m ̄*)
The thick chewy noodles and sausage grabbed my stomach.

2.Neapolitan at Ikebukuro East 【4 restaurants】



At the restaurant on the 3rd floor of the Takase Building in front of the east exit of Ikebukuro, you can eat nostalgic Yoshoku(Western food).

Of course, Neapolitan too.
The official name of this menu is Spaghetti Hamburg.
You can eat Neapolitan and hamburg steak, two major stars of the Western food world, in one place.
There is also a normal Neapolitan.

>Takase offcial site

2-2.Hakusyaku ikebukuro east/伯爵池袋東口店

Spaghetti Napolitan in Ikebukuro/Hakusyaku
I had spaghetti napolitan at coffee hakushaku .
It is a coffee shop known for its retro and gorgeousness interior.

>Hakusyaku offcial twitter

2-3.Kobe Pasta/神戸パスタ


“Kobe Pasta” is located in the restaurant area on the 7th floor of the LABI1 LIFE SELECT Ikebukuro store.
“Old-fashioned Neapolitan with plenty of wieners” has plenty of octopus wieners on it.
The face was also written properly, and my heart became hot.

>Kobe Pasta offcial site

2-4.Romespa balboa/ロメスパバルボア


Romespa Balboa is a grilled spaghetti specialty restaurant in Sunshine City.
I feel like I can get along with people who say spaghetti rather than pasta.

The ingredients are a little different, and apart from onions, Komatsuna and pork are included.

>Romespa balboa official site

3.Neapolitan at Ikebukuro Wast 【1 restaurant】

1-3.Cafe de Paris/カフェ・ド・巴里

Spaghetti Napolitan in Ikebukuro/Cafe de Paris
巴里 maybe mean Paris,France.
You can enjoy “French cafe” that Japanese think. maybe.
Old-fashioned coffee shop with chandeliers and interior decoration.

The menu is only available in English.
There is no French.
Do not miss how to open the automatic door at the entrance

>Hakusyaku offcial twitter

【MAP】Spaghetti Napolitan (Japanese food) in Ikebukuro



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