Ikebukuro Tantanmen【5shops】Tokyo, Japan

Ikebukuro Tantanmen Food

Tantanmen is a kind of Ramen noodle.
It is the typical Japanese-style localized Chinese Sichuan cuisinedandannoodles.

The characteristic of Tantan-men noodles is that they are numb and spicy.
The numbness is Japanese pepper and the spicy is hot pepper.

In most shops you can choose numbness and spiciness.
If you like spicy , try it(* ̄∇ ̄)ノ

1.Ikebukuro east Tantanmen noodle【5shops】

1-1.Rokubo Tantan-men/六坊担々麺

Ikebukuro Tantanmen@Rokubo Tantan-men
You can choose “numbness” and “spicyness” in Rokubo Dandan noodles in five stages in rokuboutantanmen
“Numbness” is the amount of Sansho(Japanese pepper) .
“Spiciness” is the amount of red pepper.
The shop recommended is “3” and for beginners it is “2”. I chose “3” for both “numbness” and “spicyness.
Because my lucky number is 3.

Ticket vending machines in Japanese only.
Let’s go out with friends who can speak Japanese.

▼Official website

1-2.Bankara tantan-men/ばんから担々麺

Ikebukuro Tantanmen@Bankara tantan-men
It is a Tantan men brand from Bankara.
You can also eat menus from general Bankara.

Ticket vending machines in Japanese only

▼Official website

1-3.Raman Ippudo/博多一風堂

Ikebukuro Tantanmen@Raman Ippudo
Ippudo , a Japanese ramenstore that is entering the world.
Ippudo created an Ikebukuro limited menu blacktantanmen dandannoodles.

▼Official website

1-4.Chinese home-cooked dishes Yang Annex/中国家庭料理 楊 別館

Chinese home-cooked dishes Yang Annex
I had dandannoodles at chinesehomecooking yang.
The soupless dandan noodles, which are also featured in the media and ordered by many customers, are their signature menu.

The menu is in Japanese.
Aside from English, Chinese will be understood.

▼Offcial site

1-5.Chuka Syusai Tanaka/中華酒菜たなか

Ikebukuro tantanmen/Chuka Syusai Tanaka
You can eat good tantanmen at Tanaka between Ikebukuro and Kanamecho.
The rich sesame soup warmed me up.

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