Ikebukuro Tempra/Tendon 【4Restaurants】

Ikebukuro Tempra/Tendon 【4Restaurants】 Food

Tempura is a battered, deep-fried food.
Tendon(Tempura bowl) is a dish in which tempura is topped on rice.
I will share a restaurant where you can enjoy tempura and tempura bowl casually.

1.Ikebukuro Tempra/Tendon 【Restaurants】

1-1.MAGURO-ICHIBA/魚河岸まぐろ市場 池袋西口店/東池袋一丁目店

There are always more than 20 kinds of seafood bowls using carefully selected ingredients.
Of course there is seafood tempura bowl
You can eat freshly fried .
The menu is available in English, Chinese, and Korean.
There are two stores at Ikebukuro east exit and west exit.

▼Offcial website
※Official site is in Japanese only

1-2.Iwamoto Q/いわもとQ池袋店

This is a restaurant where you can eat soba with tempura and tempura bowl.
Recommended for those who want to eat tempura and soba together, a popular Japanese food menu.
You can eat freshly fried tempura when it is not crowded.

Ticket vending machines are available in English.

▼Offcial website


It is a well-established tempura shop at the Ikebukuro east exit.

There was no English menu.
As there is a lunch menu with photos, let’s order by pointing.

【MAP】Ikebukuro Tempra/Tendon Shops


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