Ikebukuro Tempra/Tendon 【9Restaurants】Tokyo, Japan

Ikebukuro Tempra/Tendon 【4Restaurants】Tokyo, Japan Food ,What to eat

Tempura is a battered, deep-fried food.
Tendon(Tempura bowl) is a dish in which tempura is topped on rice.
I will share a restaurant where you can enjoy tempura and tempura bowl casually.

1. Ikebukuro’s Tempura and Tendon Specialty Stores [4 Recommended Restaurants]

1-1. Freshly fried even for set meals! Hakata Tempura Yamami/博多天ぷら やまみ

定食でも揚げたて提供!博多天ぷら やまみ

Hakata Tempura Yamami in Sunshine City Alpa is a reasonably priced restaurant! Several pieces of tempura are freshly fried.

I’m happy with just that,

  • All-you-can-eat spicy mentaiko(spicy fish eggs)
  • All-you-can-eat takana(leaf mustard)

Thank you so much♪
>Hakata Tempura Yamami offciak site

1-2.This quality at this price! Cospa is too good ♪ Tensei/天成

Ikebukuro Tempra,Tendon/Tensei
It is a well-established tempura shop at the Ikebukuro east exit.

There was no English menu.
As there is a lunch menu with photos, let’s order by pointing.

1-3. A well-known, inconspicuous restaurant near the Ikebukuro West Exit (North)! Tendon Fuji/天丼ふじ


A famous tempura bowl restaurant near the west exit (north) of Ikebukuro

It seems to be fried after ordering, and the clear sound and aroma of the oil raises expectations (* ̄ー ̄*)
Without sight, hearing and smell are stimulated.
After frying, the tempura was placed on top of the rice, and the sound of “jutsu” when the sauce was poured on top of the rice made my stomach pierce.

1-4. Very popular for its three-dimensional shape! Haneda Ichiba Shokudo/羽田市場食堂


Haneda Ichiba’s regular tempura bowl, this is regular.
It seems that the craftsman who was in charge of the geek was a newcomer, and he was serving while receiving guidance from his seniors.
That’s probably why the serving looks small.

Shrimp tempura, Conger pike temura, etc. It is full of volume.
Even with this amount, I was able to eat a lot ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

>Haneda Shijo Shokudooffcial site

2. Ikebukuro! Japanese Restaurant with Delicious Tempura

2-1. You can enjoy tempura with a special sashimi set lunch♪WashokuYa Fukushima/和食屋ふくしま


A special set meal for lunch only.
In addition to fresh sashimi, you can also enjoy tempura♪

If you like Japanese food and Fukushima, go!

>Washoku Fukushima Offcial Site

3. Ikebukuro soba and udon restaurants with delicious tempura

3-1. Appetizer tempura ♪ Udon restaurant Suzuriya Minami Ikebukuro/うどん処 硯家 南池袋店

おつまみ天ぷら♪うどん処 硯家 南池袋店

At Udon-dokoro Suzuriya, have a little drink with tempura as an appetizer♪
Recommended not only for udon, but also for drinking

>Udon-dokoro Suzuriya offcial instagram

4. Don’t underestimate it as a chain store! Tendon and tempura restaurants in Ikebukuro [3 Restaurants]

You can easily stop by quickly and share delicious chain stores.
I feel like normal is best.

4-1. Don’t underestimate chain stores! Tendon Tenya/天丼てんや

Ikebukuro Tempra,Tendon/Tendon TENYA
TENYA is a chain store where you can eat Tendon from 500 yen.
This photo is “All-star Tendon”(750JPN) .
Salmon,scallop,squid,prawn,maitake mushroom and green beans topped on rice.

Ticket vending machines support foreign languages
Recommended for the first “Tendon”.

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4-2. Freshly fried! Uogashi Maguro Shijo Ikebukuro West Exit/Higashi Ikebukuro 1-chome/魚河岸まぐろ市場 池袋西口店/東池袋一丁目店

Ikebukuro Tempra,Tendon/MAGURO-ICHIBA
There are always more than 20 kinds of seafood bowls using carefully selected ingredients.
Of course there is seafood tempura bowl
You can eat freshly fried .
The menu is available in English, Chinese, and Korean.
There are two stores at Ikebukuro east exit and west exit.

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4-3. Stick to freshly boiled and freshly fried! Iwamoto Q Ikebukuro/いわもとQ池袋店


This is a restaurant where you can eat soba with tempura and tempura bowl.
Recommended for those who want to eat tempura and soba together, a popular Japanese food menu.
You can eat freshly fried tempura when it is not crowded.

Ticket vending machines are available in English.

>Iwamoto Q Offcial website

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