AburaSoba/MazeSoba【5shops】 in Ikebukuro ,Tokyo , Japan

AburaSoba/MazeSoba in Ikebukuro ,Tokyo , Japan AburaSoba/MazeSoba

Aburasoba,Mazesoba means No soup Ramen .
Mix the sauce on the bottom of the bowl with the noodles and ingredients.

1.AburaSoba/MazeSoba in Ikebukuro【East】


AburaSoba/MazeSoba  in Ikebukuro/Miharu
Aburasoba means No soup ramen.
Mix the ingredients, noodles and sauce and eat.

Ticket vending machines are only available in Japanese
Let’s go out with friends who can speak Japanese.

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1-2.Aburasoba Oni/油そば鬼

Ikebukuro Aburasoba/Aburasoba Oni
You can eat Aburasoba with Oni(JapaneseDemon) in at Aburasoba Oni in Ikebukuro near Sunshine60 City.
The appearance of the shop has a big impact

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2.AburaSoba/MazeSoba in Ikebukuro【West】

2-1.Musashino aAbura Gakkai/武蔵野アブラ学会

AburaSoba/MazeSoba  in Ikebukuro/Musashino aAbura Gakkai
Musashino Abura Gakkai is popular with Aburasoba.
AburaSoba means no soup ramen.
Mix the ingredients, noodles and sauce and eat

After eating noodles ,you can see the founder of Abura Gakkai.

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2-2.Kasuga-Tei/春日亭 池袋本店

AburaSoba/MazeSoba  in Ikebukuro/Kasuga-Tei
Kasuga-tei is popular with AburaSoba.
Abura Soba means no soup ramen.
Mix the ingredients, noodles and sauce and eat

This is Chicken Pork Oilnoodles called Toriton Aburasoba.

On the way, change the taste with vinegar or chili oil (free)
After eating, add soup and enjoy(free)

「油」letters on the bottom of the bowl
It means oil.

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2-3.Tokyo Menchitei Honten Ikebukuro west/東京麺珍亭本店 池袋西口店

AburaSoba/MazeSoba  in Ikebukuro/Tokyo Menchitei Honten Ikebukuro west
This shop is said to be the originator of “Abura Soba “.
AburaSoba is ramen without soup.

When your order arrives, sprinkle with vinegar and chili oil for at least 2 laps
The sauce lurking in the bottom of the bowl, the noodles and toppings are mixed boldly and eat while hot

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