Gokokuji Temple!You can climb Mt.Fuji,Tokyo

Gokokuji Temple!You can climb Mt.Fuji,Tokyo Culture

1.Basic Information about Gokokuji Temple

Gokokuji Temple was built in February 1681.

In spite of an earthquake and a war, it was left unchanged.
Its design traces the traditional grandeur of the Edo period into present times.

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2.What to see,to do at

2-1.All season

Gokokuji Temple!You can climb Mt.Fuji,Tokyo
Gokokuji Temple has “Otowa Fuji”.
Otowa Fuji is one of the Fujizuka.
Fujizuka is, so to speak, a miniature Mt. Fuji.
It was created by believers of Mt. Fuji religion at the end of the Edo period.
It is said that climbing Fujizuka has the same benefits as climbing real Mt. Fuji.

2-2.Spring(March to May)

sakura@ Gokokuji-Temple


Various kinds of cherry blossoms bloom at Gokokuji Temple.

sakura@ Gokokuji-Temple
Weeping cherry blossoms are also beautiful

2-3.Summer(June to August)

Hydrangea blooms around June

With cute cats!Gokokuji Temple

Gokokuji Temple

Gokokuji is full of “temple cats”.
If you’re lucky, you can take a picture of the cat + something

2-4.Autumn(September to November)

Red Spider Lily@Gokokuji Temple

Gokokuji Temple

You can see cluster amaryllis after mid-September.
White flowers bloom first.

Red Spider Lily@Gokokuji Temple
Later, red cluster amaryllis will bloom.
It’s probably impossible to see at the same time.

2-5.Winter(December to February)

Gokokuji Temple
Autumn leaves can be seen from mid-November.

Gokokuji Temple

Gokokuji Temple

In addition to the main hall, there are other attractions such as the Great Buddha.

Let’s go around from corner to corner.

3.Access to from Ikebukuro

Take the Yurakucho Line from Ikebukuro Station and get off at Gokokuji Station(2Stops)

When you get out of Exit 1,the back is Gokokuji Temple

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4.What to See,to do Near

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5.【MAP】Shrines and Temples Ikebukuro


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