Soba Noodles/Buckwheat Moodles【19 Restaurants】in Ikebukuro ,Tokyo

Soba Noodles/Buckwheat Moodles【21 Restaurants】in Ikebukuro ,Tokyo Food ,What to eat

Soba is noodles made from buckwheat flour ,typcial Japanese noodle.
There are mainly two types, Zaru soba and Kake soba .

  • Zaru soba,Seiro soba(COLD)
    Zaru soba is a chilled noodle dish that is served with a dipping sauce and nori seaweed on a flat basket or a plate.
  • Kake soba(HOT)
    Kake soba is hot soba in broth topped with some Ingredient.

1. Soba at Ikebukuro Station 【3 restaurants】

Let’s sip delicious soba at a restaurant directly connected to Ikebukuro Station

1-1.【Ikechika Dining】Sobakichi Ikebukuro Tobu/ソバキチ

【イケチカダイニング】名物夜鳴き蕎麦!ソバキチ 池袋東武店

A grown-up soba restaurant located in Ikechika Dining in the basement of Ikebukuro Station.
You can have a drink at a soba restaurant, enjoy seasonal snacks, and finish off with soba noodles.
There is also a slightly unusual “kushiten (tempura on a stick)”.
Sobakichi’s specialty, Yonaki soba with a thick texture, was delicious.(* ̄ー ̄*)



Minoya Bunemon/OMATCYA SALON

“OMATCHASALON” in TABEBUKURO of Ikebukuro PARCO is a Uji matcha specialty store.
Artistic sweets using Uji matcha are popular, but there is a wide variety of creative Uji matcha soba.
After the meal, you can also eat matcha sweets and make your own matcha.


1-3.【Seibu Department Store】TsuruYa Yoshinobu Saryo/鶴屋吉信茶寮

Seibu Ikebukuro (Ikesei) B1 floor, behind the Japanese confectionery shop is a little-known sweets shop.
Away from the hustle and bustle of the department store basement, you can sip green tea soba while admiring the wall art of cranes.
If you are tired of shopping, take a rest.


2.10 Soba Restaurants in Ikebukuro 【East】

Locals will share Ikebukuro soba restaurants that they can actually eat and recommend.


せいろとあらびき!十割手打ちそば美蕎 池袋

From the Ikebukuro East Exit, go along Meiji Dori toward the highway, pass HAREZA Ikebukuro and turn right.
A hideaway soba restaurant in the basement of an alley.
You can enjoy 100% buckwheat noodles made from carefully selected domestically-produced buckwheat flour milled in the shop.
There is a menu that allows you to eat both seiro and arabiki soba at the same time, so why not compare them?

>十割手打ちそば美蕎 池袋



Jyuwari (100%) soba and duck dishes “Naraya” is located in front of Nakaikebukuro Park.
Each dish is carefully made one by one, and no chemical seasonings are used.
Not only the soba, but also the duck!

The bike parked in front of the shop is a landmark.


2-3.Miyagino/手打そば 宮城野(みやぎの)

【池袋東口五叉路そば】手打そば 宮城野(みやぎの)

A soba restaurant with a calm atmosphere on the second floor of a building near the five-way intersection at the east exit of Ikebukuro.
It seems that buckwheat noodles from various places are milled with a stone mill, and two types of wheat flour are mixed with cold Aso natural water.
You can eat soba noodles while looking at Mt.Fuji and rabbits.



Ichiei is located between the Ikebukuro East Exit, the highway, Kasuga-dori (R254), and Higashi-Ikebukuro Park.
The appearance of a long-established town soba restaurant.

We recommend the Goshiki (five colors) soba, where you can eat 5 different types of soba, including Seiro soba, Inaka soba, and Shirayuki soba (the color of white snow).
*The photo is “Three colors soba”
You can eat up to 5 kinds of soba in one menu

2-5.Fukurou Kouji/創作生蕎麦 梟小路

Ikebukuro Soba/Fukuro koji

Located at the base of Sunshine 60, across the road from Mikuni Koji, there is a unique soba dish where you can dip the soba into a thick, warm soup.
Ingredients are original and unique.
You can also use the cafeteria (the omelet rice is cute) and the izakaya.

>梟小路 昼(ランチ情報)

2-6.Shime Soba Fukuro/〆蕎麦フクロウ


An affiliated store of Racine, which has multiple stores in Ikebukuro East Exit and Higashi Dori.
It seems to be an izakaya for grown-ups where you can get drunk with sake and side dishes and finish off with soba.
Set meals for lunch are also popular♪


2-7.Minoya Bunemon/美濃屋 文右衛門

Minoya Bunemon/Minoya Bunemon

A soba restaurant that has been around for a long time along Meiji Dori in front of Hareza Ikebukuro, east exit of Ikebukuro.
“Kasane soba” (stacked soba) is popular.

>美濃屋 文右衛門 池袋東口店



A soba restaurant founded in 1954, located near Minami-Ikebukuro Park, just down Theater Green Street.
At a semi-open restaurant, let’s enjoy the Niku-seiro (Niku means meat) with lots of vegetables and meat in the dipping sauce.




It is located on the first floor in a crowded area from the Ikebukuro east exit to the five-way intersection.
You can enjoy 100% buckwheat noodles that are made in-store with a stone mill and are particular about “freshly ground, freshly beaten, freshly boiled, and freshly fried” at a reasonable price.

There is a menu,you can eat both regular mentsuyu (soy soup) and sesame sauce.

>十割蕎麦 嵯峨谷(さがたに)

2-10.Nakamura Menbei/中村麺兵衛


You can eat freshly boiled 100% buckwheat noodles at a reasonable price (* ̄∇ ̄)ノ
A set that comes with a soba restaurant’s Katsudon (cutlet on the rice bowl) is recommended.


3.Ikebukro【West】Soba Noodles 5 Reataurants

3-1.Soba dokoro Nakamura/そば処 中村

.Soba Dokoro Nakamura / そば処 中村

A hideaway-like orthodox soba restaurant located in the basement of Rikkyo-dori
Soba noodles made with 100% buckwheat flour ground by a domestically-produced stone mill.
You can eat rare “Soba Inari”.

>そば処 中村

3-2.Tsukesoba Okuni/つけ蕎麦の阿国 池袋店

【トキワ通り】つけ蕎麦の阿国 池袋店

A tsukesoba restaurant on Tokiwa-dori, west exit of Ikebukuro.
You can enjoy “Tsukesoba” with pork or chicken.

>つけ蕎麦の阿国 池袋店


Ikebukuro Soba/Soba-suke

Ikebukuro West Exit, across Theater Street, between Azalea Street and Tokiwa Street.

Shio-dashi(salt) soba and 100% buckwheat noodles are made without using a single drop of soy sauce to maximize the flavor of bonito and buckwheat.
There are many unique original menus, so take your time and choose carefully.


3-4.Iwamoto Q/いわもとQ

Minoya Bunemon/Iwamoto Q

Iwamoto Q is located along Azalea Street at the west exit of Ikebukuro.
They serve freshly boiled and fried soba noodles and tempura at reasonable prices 24 hours a day.
*Excluding early mornings and busy times.


3-5.Nadai Fujisoba/名代富士そば

Ikebukuro Soba/Iwamoto Q

Nadai Fuji soba can be found here and there in the Kanto region.

There are three stores in Ikebukuro: Ikebukuro, Ikebukuro East Exit, and Ikebukuro West Exit.
Recommended for those who want to eat while standing.


4.One station away from Ikebukuro Station! Famous stand-up soba and udon restaurant



A stand-up soba and udon restaurant in front of the north exit of Shiinamachi, one station from Ikebukuro on the Seibu Ikebukuro Line.
I recommend the meat soba noodles with the sweetness of the fat (the photo is nameko soba. Lol).

A person sipping a bowl of rice on a bench has already become the scenery of Shiinamachi.

【Map】Soba Noodles in Ikebukuro

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