Ikebukuro Soba/Buckwheat noodles【7shops】

Ikebukuro Soba/Buckwheat noodles【7shops】 Food

Soba is noodles made from buckwheat flour ,typcial Japanese noodle.
There are mainly two types, Zaru soba and Kake soba .

  • Zaru soba
    Zaru soba is a chilled noodle dish that is served with a dipping sauce and nori seaweed on a flat basket or a plate.
  • Kake soba
    Kake soba is hot soba in broth topped with some Ingredient.

Most soba shops have both Zaru soba and Kake soba.

1.Ikebukuro Soba/Buckwheat noodles East【shops】

1-1.Minoya Bunemon/美濃屋 文右衛門

Photo is near Ikebukuro Station Higashiguchi

Minoya Bunemon recommends “stacked soba”, which is a stack of zaru soba.
There are two stores in Ikebukuro, near Ikebukuro Station Higashiguchi and Sunshine City Alpa.

1-2.OMATCYA SALON/オマッチャサロン池袋パルコ

OMATCYA SALON is not a soba shop.
A specialty store of Uji Matcha, one of the Japanese traditions.
You can enjoy matcha drink, matcha sweets and matcha food.
One of the menus is matcha soba.

There was no English menu.
Point and order a menu with photos.

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2.Ikebukuro Soba/Buckwheat noodles West【shops】

2-1.Iwamoto Q/いわもとQ

They offer Soba with the taste of a specialty store at reasonable price.
In addition to soba, there are tempura and tempura bowl.
As there is good set menu, I recommend to person who wants to eat soba and tempura or tempura.
Ticket machines are available in English

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2-2.Nadai Fuji Soba/名代富士そば

※The photo is the West Exit shops

Fuji soba has a wide variety of soba toppings.
Fuji Soba also offers katsudon, oyakodon(Chicken and egg bowl), and curry.
Ikebukuro has three stores, Fuji Soba.
The “Ikebukuro store (not the Ikebukuro east exit store)” at the Ikebukuro east exit seems to be the most used for foreigners.

On the official website of Fuji Soba, videos explain how to order.
We recommend going to Fuji Soba after watching.

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3.【MAP】Ikebukuro Soba/Buckwheat noodles


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