Owls in Ikebukuro(Tokyo, Japan)

Owls in Ikebukuro Culture

Ikebukuro is called “bukuro” by locals.

The pronunciation of “bukuro” is similar to that of “FUKURO”.
The “FUKURO” means owl in Japan.
It is considered to be an auspicious creature because it sounds similar to happy and good fortune.

So we have many owls in Ikebukuro.
Let’s take photos with owls!!

1.【MAP】Owls in Ikebukuro

At this moment, a new owl is born in Ikebukuro.
Find your favorite owl(* ̄∇ ̄)ノ

2.Photo spots with owls in IKebukuro

I Share recommended places that make it easy to take pictures with owls.

2-1.Naka Ikebukuro Park

Naka Ikebukuro Park
At Nakaikebukuro Park, the OTOME and KIFUJIN(Otaku girl ahd women) exchange goods on weekend.
Let’s shoot with the owl statue while gazing at Ikebukuro’s specialty.

3.Taking a commemorative photo with the owl is difficult…

3-1.Uniqlo’s first character “UNIBUQURO” at UNIQLO Ikebukuro Sunshine Sixty Street

Uniqlo's first character "UNIBUQURO" at UNIQLO Ikebukuro Sunshine Sixty Street
Speaking of UNIQLO, it is a brand representing Japan.
Uniqlo created the character for the first time.
His(Her) name is “ユニブクロー/UNIBUQURO”.
It’s also lurking in the store, so please look for it.
*Only Ikebukuro Sunshine Sixty Street Branch.

3-2.Two Police Boxes are Owls

The two police boxes in Ikebukuro are owls.
Japanese police have humor.

Ikebukuro Higashi-guchi police box
▲Ikebukuro Higashi-guchi police box

Higashi Ikebukuro PoliceBox
▲Higashi Ikebukuro PoliceBox

3-3.DONKI(Ikebukuro west) also has an owl… with DonPen

DONKI also has an owl... with DonPen
Don don donki has an owl with Donpen.

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