Owls Statues in Ikebukuro(Tokyo, Japan)

Owls in Ikebukuro Culture

We have many owls in Ikebukuro.

1.Why are there so many owl statues in Ikebukuro?

Ikebukuro is called “bukuro” by locals.

The pronunciation of “bukuro” is similar to that of “FUKURO”.
The “FUKURO” means owl in Japan.
It is considered to be an auspicious creature because it sounds similar to happy and good fortune.

So we have many owls in Ikebukuro.

2.A symbol of Ikebukuro! Where is the IKEFUKURO


Ikebukuro lives under the stairs at the east exit (north) of Ikebukuro.
Aiming for the “Ikebukuro East Exit (North)” and going to the first basement floor, you can meet IKEFUKURO.


For the past few years, IKEFUKURO have been a part of the “town art that weaves and connects Toshima” and wears a knit in winter.
It looks warm.


IKEFUKURO sometimes cosplays.
What does the owl look like when you go to see it?
You are looking forward to it(* ̄ー ̄*)

3.Owl Statue in Ikebukuro Station

There are a lot of owls in Ikebukuro station ( ̄ー ̄)o゚

Owls that look like copper plates near the Seibu Department Store on the Seibu Ikebukuro Line.
It is a set of 3 pieces for morning, noon and night.

Lottery Tobu Hope Center No.1
He(She) often cosplays.

IKEMEN Kitchen
NooDLE “oo” designed with an owl.

Between Seibu Ikebukuro Line and JR

4.Owl statue at the east exit of Ikebukuro

Ikebukuro Station East Exit Police Box
The locals of Ikebukuro call it “Owl(Fukuro)Koban”.
With a happy yellow IKEBUS

Nakaikebukuro Park
In winter, this owl wears a knit.
Otome-tachi (girl otaku) are exchanging anime goods.

owl post
At the post office in front of Ikebukuro Station, there is an owl mailbox designed with Toshima-ku’s publicity character, Toshimana-namaru.
Depending on the season, this owl is cosplaying.

East Ikebukuro police box
Did you know that there are two owl police boxes in Ikebukuro?

Uniqlo’s first character “Unibuqlo”
Unibuqlos are flowing on the escalator.

5.Owl statue at the west exit of Ikebukuro

Owl of Myonichikan
This owl is also knitted in winter and looks fashionable.

>About Jiyu Gakuen Myonichikan

Motoikebukuro Historical Park
Here is the pond that gave the name of Ikebukuro.
Of course, there were owls too.

Ikebukuro West Exit Mosaic Culture Enchan
Singing as a family.

Between Ikebukuro Nishiguchi Park and Lumine
This owl is tilting its head

Ikebukuro Mitake Shrine
It is the ujigami (local god) of Nishi-Ikebukuro.
An owl is also written on the Gosyuin(red stamp).

Tobu Department Store
There is a large Sanrio shop on the first floor.
I’m happy that popular Sanrio characters are doing owl cosplay.

ドン・キホーテ 池袋駅西口店
Don Quijote Ikebukuro Station West Exit
Donpen-kun is leading an owl.

6.Owl statue in the Zoshigaya area

Zoshigaya Mimizuku Park
He has horns, so he’s a mimizuku, not an owl.

The owl of the old Ranpo Edogawa residence
They will tell you the “Old Edogawa Ranpo House” by looking at it.
The world is a dream, the dream of the night is true!

7.Owls seen everywhere in Ikebukuro

Ike-chan with Ikebus, bus stop
Ike-chan, the mascot of Ikebus.
Ike-chan watches over Ikebukuro from the front, back, and bus stop of the Ikebus.

rides in the park
Mainly in Toshima Ward parks, there are Toshimanamaru rides.

[Map] Owls of Ikebukuro

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