Ikebukuro Udon Noodle【7shops】Tokyo,Japan

Ikebukuro Udon Noodle【4shops】Tokyo,Japan Food
Udon Noodle

Udon is a thick, white Japanese noodle made from flour.
You wat udon in soup or add it to soup.

1.Ikebukuro Udon Noodle【5Shops】


Karukaya has been operating at Seibu Ikebukuro Main Store since 1968.
Homemade Udon noodles that can be eaten on the roof of a department store.
The whole process is done by hand without using a machine, so the noodles have a firm texture.
Ikebukuro geek love Karukaya

There is a menu with photos, so let’s take a picture and point and order with smile (* ̄ー ̄*)

▼Karukaya Offcial Site

1-2.Sanuki Udon Kono/讃岐うどん河野

Ikebukuro Udon Noodle/Sanuki Udon Kono

Sanuki Udon Kono has won the 100 Tabelog Store (Udon section) for two consecutive years in 2018 and 2019.

Udon kono is stocked with carefully selected dried small sardines.
See, the soup is clear
Udon is also clear
Iriko kakiage is recommend

I didn’t see any English menu
Let’s visit with friends who can speak Japanese

▼Sanuki Udon Kono Offcial Site

1-3.Musahi no Udon Uchitate-Ya/武蔵野うどん うちたて家

Ikebukuro Udon Noodle/Musahi no Udon Uchitate-Ya
“Musashino Udon” is thick, strong.
Let’s chew & chew & chew.

After you ate Udaon,Add the boiled udon juice to the soup and drink.
There seems to be an English menu

▼Offcial Site

1-4.Suzuriya/うどん処 硯家

Curry Udon Noodles in Ikebukuro/Suzuriya
I recommend spicy curry udon at suzuriya.
Not just curryudon
Homemade curry soup is topped on the crispy noodles.
The menu seems to be Japanese only, so let’s go eat with a friend who can use Japanese.

1-5.Ampuku Ikebukuro/あんぷく 池袋店

Curry Udon Noodles in Ikebukuro/Anpuku
I’ll show you creativenoodle restaurant Anpuku.
At Anpuku, udon is cooked freely.
The photo is beef black Curryudon
It is in harmony with the Japanese stock.


1-6.KASSU The Udon Lounge

Ikebukuro Udon Noodle/KASSU The Udon Lounge
You can have gyukasu udon at UdonLounge in ikebukuro .
It’s a fashionable shop that doesn’t look like a udon shop.
Don’t miss it.

▼KASSU The Udon Lounge offcial site

2.Udon Noodle near Ikebukuro【1Shops】

2-1.Nanten Honten(Shiinamachi St.)/南天本店(椎名町駅)

Ikebukuro Udon Noodle/Nanten Honten(Shiinamachi St.)
Shiinamachi is one station from Ikebukuro by taking the Seibu Ikebukuro line.
“nikusoba ” and ” nikuudon ” with soba and udon topped with pork are popular.
You can sit on a bench and eat.

3.【MAP】Ikebukuro Udon Noodle

▼Curry udon is also delicious

Curry Udon Noodles in Ikebukuro【4 restaurant】
Udon is thin and long noodles made by kneading wheat flour and water that is then boiled and eaten. Generally, it is ea...


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