Ikebukuro Gyokai (seafood) soup Raman【7shops】

Ikebukuro Gyokai (seafood) soup Raman【shops】 Food

Gyokai (seafood) soup Ramen does not mean that seafood is on noodles.
They take soup stock with seafood.
Enjoy the ramen of Japanese seafood soup surrounded by the sea.

1.Ikebukuro East Gyokai (seafood) soup Raman【1shops】


Not only seafood but also chicken and pork bones soup
There are shops not only at the west exit but also at the east exit

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1-2.ChukaSoba Aoba/中華そば青葉

The shop has “W soup”.
They combine the goodness of animal soup (e.g. tonkotu,chicken) with seafood soup.

After you enjoy the taste as it is, add yuzu pepper.

There is an English menu and the ticket vending machines are numbered.
Even if you don’t speak Japanese, you can order.

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2.Ikebukuro West Gyokai (seafood) soup Raman【3shops】


Pork bone ramen born in Tokyo.
A ramen shop from Ikebukuro.
Tonkotu(pork bone)ramen is more famous.

The Photo is Fish pork ramen.
the soup is covered with specially made oil.

※Ikebukuro has two Tonchin at the east and west exits.

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2-2.Noodle VOICE

Scallops are so thick

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2-3.Ikebukuro Niboshi/すごい煮干ラーメン凪

This is Unbelievable NIBOSHI Ramen
NIBOSHI means dried small sardines .
Use 60 grams more than the finest anchovy full bowl

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2-4.Men Katuragi/麺 かつら木

They use domestic chicken broth, foot, Hirako Niboshi, Shiraguchi Niboshi, Sababushi (dried blue mackerel), Sodabushi(dried soda bonito)

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3.Around Ikebukuro Gyokai (seafood) soup Ramen 1shop

3-1.Orion shokudo/オリオン食堂(2station from ikebukuro,Higashinagasaki)

Soup with the theme of extract and impact
Let’s take a 2-station train♪

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【MAP】Ikebukuro Ramen Shops

※The light blue mark are seafood ramen shops.


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