Rice ball(called “ONIGIRI”)near Ikebukuro,Tokyo,Japan

Rice ball(called "ONIGIRI")near Ikebukuro,Tokyo,Japan Food

Rice ball(called “ONIGIRI”) is a Japanese food made from white rice, seaweed and fillings.
You can eat rice balls anywhere in Japan.
It is a super standard menu at convenience stores.
Here, we will share the shops where you can eat the most delicious rice ball.

1.Rice ball(called “ONIGIRI”)near Ikebukuro

Share delicious rice balls located a few stations from Ikebukuro.

1-1.ORIGIRI Bongo(Otuka)/おにぎり ほんご(大塚)

Rice ball(called "ONIGIRI")Ikebukuro/Bongo(Otuka)
Bongo is located at Otsuka Station, which is one stop on the Yamanote Line from Ikebukuro Station.

There is a counter around the kitchen.
You can eat rice balls while watching the cooking.

It is a long-established store that has been in business for 60 years.
A wide variety of 55 types of rice balls.

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1-2.Ittomai ONIGIRI Bonta bonta(Gokokuji)/一等米おにぎり専門店 ぼんたぼんた(護国寺)

Rice ball(called "ONIGIRI")Ikebukuro/Bonta bonta(Gokokuji)

The main store of Bonta Bonta is located at Gokokuji Station, which is 2 stops from Ikebukuro on the Yurakucho Line.

It is a rice ball specialty store made only with the finest rice “first-class rice”.
You can eat warm and fresh sushi in the store.
Actually, there is a shop in Echika Ikebukuro, so you don’t have to go to Gokokuji.

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1-3.OMUSUBI GONBEI/おむすび権米衛

Rice ball(called "ONIGIRI")Ikebukuro/OMUSUBI GONBEI
OMUSUBI GONBEI is a rice ball shop that you can see in the station building in Kanto.
At the Ikebukuro ISP store, there is a stick-type rice ball “germinated brown rice salad roll” that is limited to the store.

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