Rice ball(called “ONIGIRI”)in or near Ikebukuro,Tokyo,Japan

Rice ball(called “ONIGIRI”)in or near Ikebukuro,Tokyo,Japan Food ,What to eat

Rice ball(called “ONIGIRI”) is a Japanese food made from white rice, seaweed and fillings.
You can eat rice balls anywhere in Japan.
It is a super standard menu at convenience stores.
Here, I will share the shops where you can eat the most delicious rice ball.

1. [Near the east exit (center) of Ikebukuro Station]Rice ball shop at Ikebukuro station

1-1.[Near exits 32 and 33]Omusubi Gonbei Ikebukuro ISP store

【池袋駅地下】おむすび権米衛 池袋ISP店!とん汁がおすすめ

“Omusubi Gonbei” is located near stairs 32 and 33 of the underground passageway of Ikebukuro Station.
Omusubi means Riceball,same as Onigiri.

There is an eat-in space on the right side of the store where you can enjoy the rice balls you purchased.
Geeks’ recommendation is Gonbei’s tonjiru(miso soup with pork).

>Omusubi Gonbei Ikebukuro ISP store

1-2. [Echika Ikebukuro] Bonta bonta

【Echika 池袋 】一等米おにぎり専門店 ぼんたぼんた!サク飯向き

Bonta bonta, a first-class rice ball specialty store in Echika Ikebukuro, has counter seats where you can eat in.
For the price of rice ball + α, you can add miso soup, oshinko(pickles), and a small side dish.
It’s not always crowded, so it’s recommended for quick rice.

>Bonta bonta

2. Walking distance from Ikebukuro! Onigiri(rice ball) shop

2-1.[Tokyo Metropolitan Theater] Onigiri GONTA


The Tokyo Metropolitan Theater is adjacent to Ikebukuro West Exit Park, and as the name suggests, music and plays are shown here.
We recommend the “GONTA set,” which includes your favorite onigiri, side dishes, and miso soup (pork soup).
Even if you don’t want to go to the theater, it’s OK to just have a meal.

>Onigiri GONTA

2-2. Tasty Pork Miso Soup [Zoshigaya] Onigiri and Tonjiru Yamataro(山太郎)

滋味あふれる豚汁【雑司ヶ谷】おにぎり・とん汁 山太郎

It’s more Zoshigaya than Ikebukuro, but it’s a shop you can walk from Ikebukuro.
A rice ball and tonjiru (pork miso soup) shop run by a person who trained at Otsuka Bongo.
Not only rice balls, but also pork soup is mellow and delicious.

The line is still mild after 14:00 on weekdays.

>rice ball,tonjiru Yamataro

3. A few stations away from Ikebukuro! Recommended rice balls

A few stations away from Ikebukuro by train!
I will share a shop that I feel like getting on the train to eat rice balls.

3-1.ORIGIRI Bongo(Otuka)/おにぎり ほんご(大塚)

Rice ball(called "ONIGIRI")Ikebukuro/Bongo(Otuka)
Bongo is located at Otsuka Station, which is one stop on the Yamanote Line from Ikebukuro Station.

There is a counter around the kitchen.
You can eat rice balls while watching the cooking.

It is a long-established store that has been in business for 60 years.
A wide variety of 55 types of rice balls.

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3-2.Ittomai ONIGIRI Bonta bonta(Gokokuji)/一等米おにぎり専門店 ぼんたぼんた(護国寺)

Rice ball(called "ONIGIRI")Ikebukuro/Bonta bonta(Gokokuji)

The main store of Bonta Bonta is located at Gokokuji Station, which is 2 stops from Ikebukuro on the Yurakucho Line.

It is a rice ball specialty store made only with the finest rice “first-class rice”.
You can eat warm and fresh sushi in the store.
Actually, there is a shop in Echika Ikebukuro, so you don’t have to go to Gokokuji.

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3-3.Can you eat bongo without waiting in line? ! [Itabashi] Bongo


Itabashi Bongo is located at Itabashi Station, two stations away from Ikebukuro on the Tobu Tojo Line.
Although there are shops for bongo practitioners, it seems that only Itabashi Bongo calls itself “Bongo”.

When I visited after 18:00 on a weekday evening, I was able to sit down without lining up.
If you want to eat bongo rice balls without waiting in line, there is also an option called Itabashi Bongo.

【MAP】Rice ball(called “ONIGIRI”)in or near Ikebukuro

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