From Narita Airport To Ikebukuro Station【Train or Bus】7 Access

From Narita Airport To Ikebukuro Station【Train or Bus】7 Access Access

How to get from Narita Airport to Ikebukuro Station

  • Train Or Bus
  • Number of transfers
  • Required time
  • Prices
  • Can JR TOKYO Wide PASS be used?
  • How often?

And other tips for deciding how to access.
I’m glad to be your help.

Summarized in a table

* Prices and travel times are as of January 2020.
* Check the status from the link
* For smartphones, try turning the screen sideways

0.How to get from Narita Airport to Ikebukuro Station

      transfer Required time(T2) fee Reserved seat JR TOKYO Wide PASS frequency
Train Keiseiline 1.Skyliner+JR(JY) 1 54min 2,675JPY ○(Skyliner) × Once every 20 minutes
Train Keiseiline 2.Access Express(To Ueno)+JR(JY) 1 90min 1,210JPY × ×
Train Keiseiline 3.Rapid Limited Express・Limited Express+JR(JY) 1 90min 1,210JPY × × Once every 20 minutes
Train JR 4.Narita Express 0 89min 3,248JPY 10 per day
Train JR 5.Narita Express+JR(JY)orTokyometro(M) 1 80-90min 3,271JPY ○(Narita Express) ○(except M) 27 per day
Bus Airport Limousine 6.To Ikebukuro, Mejiro, Kudan, Korakuen 0 60-120min 3,200JPY × Once every 30 minutes
Bus TYO+NRT 7.To Tokyo station+Tokyometro(M) 1 85-95min 1,000JPY × Once every 20 minutes


I will explain how to travel from Narita Airport to Ikebukuro Station( ̄m ̄*)


How to get on Skyliner at Narita Airport
The best way to get from Narita Airport to Ikebukuro Station is by Skyliner + Yamanote Line (JY).

  • fast
  • There are staff who are used to foreigners
  • Skyliner is a reserved seat, so you can sit securely
  • Easy to understand transfer at Nippori Station
  • On the Yamanote Line, there is a current location display in English, Chinese, and Korean near the entrance

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From Narita Airport To JR Ikebukuro Station【by Skyliner】with photos
There are several ways to get from Narita Airport to Ikebukuro Station. This section describes how to get on the Keisei...


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Skyliner Discount Ticket|Skyliner | KEISEI Electric Railway

The Yamanote Line (JY) comes every 5 minutes, so you don’t have to worry about time.

2.Access Express(To Ueno)+JR(JY)

3.Rapid Limited Express・Limited Express+JR(JY)

Access Express(To Ueno)+JR(JY)From Narita to Ikebuikuro

  • Low price
  • Because it is not a seat reservation, you may not be able to sit
  • Since Narita Airport is the first departure, it is also a fact that it is relatively easy to sit
  • Getting off is not foreign friendly
  • If you want cheapness, we recommend the “TYK-NRT bus”.

You can also get to Ikebukuro Station by Keisei Line local trains.
On the Keisei Line, however, the transfer is complicated, so even those who understand Japanese are lost.
When traveling from Narita Airport to Ikebukuro Station, you do not need to ride.

4.Narita Express

5.Narita Express+JR(JY)orTokyometro(M)

If you take the JR East Narita Express, you can go to Ikebukuro without having to change trains.
However, there are only about 10 direct trains a day to Ikebukuro Station.

There are only 27 trains a day to reach Tokyo Station (about 20 minutes without transfer to Ikebukuro).
Moreover, it is expensive.
So I don’t recommend it.


  • Have the JR Wide Tokyo Pass (you can ride NEX at no extra charge)
  • I do not mind even if it takes some time
  • I want to move to a reserved seat
  • There is a train that is just right for arriving at Narita Airport

Would be better for you.

▼【Offcial】About NET

About N'EX | Narita Express | JR-EAST

▼【Offcial】JR Wide Tokyo Pass

JR TOKYO Wide Pass | Fares & Passes | JR-EAST

6.Airport Limousine Bus

It’s a limousine bus, but it’s a regular four-row bus

  • This will take some time
  • It is expensive

I do not recommend it for the reason.

Not on the train, straight to the hotel! Direct bus terminal! There is goodness.

Recommended for:

  • Those who do not want to walk too much
  • Overnight at Hotel Metropolitan
  • Stay at Sunshashin Prince Hotel
  • Take a bus from Ikebukuro Sunshine Bus Terminal

▼【Official】Limousine Bus

Ikebukuro, Mejiro, Kudan, Korakuen|Route & Fare
Airport Limousine Bus is the leading operator of the airport transportation in Tokyo. Smooth Direct Access to and from Central Tokyo and Narita and Haneda Airpo...


For those who prioritize low praice, we recommend the called 1,000 yen bus “TYO-NRT” bus.
It will be renewed from February 2020, so I will report details once the service starts.

▼【Official】TYO+NRT BUS


【MAP】From Narita Airport to Ikebukuro Station


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