【16】Things, What To Do in Ikebukuro,Tokyo,Japan!Recommended by locals

12 Things To Do in Ikebukuro !Tokyo,Japan

Ikebukuro in Tokyo is located near Tokiwa-so, the origin of Japanese animation and manga.
That’s why we put a lot of effort into anime.
Traditional temples and shrines remain, and you can enjoy various ways to enjoy them.
I share what to do or things to do in Ikebukuro!!

0.Find the owl statues in Ikebukuro

Ikebukuro Higashi-guchi police box

In Japanese, the pronunciation of “bukuro” in “Ike・bukuro(池袋)” is similar to “Fukuro”.
It’s similar to “owl” and “don’t struggle” in Japanese.
That’s why shops and public institutions have a custom of drawing owls.

Let’s look for owls around Ikebukuro.

>Owls in Ikebukuro

1.Enjoy Ikebukuro’s Landmark “Sunshine City 60”

クラゲに、空飛ぶペンギン!サンシャイン水族館 Sunshine Aquarium

In addition to the aquarium and observatory, there are also spots where you can enjoy the world of anime.
You can enjoy it even on rainy days ♪ Let’s enjoy Sunshine 60 in Ikebukuro.

>Things to do in Sunshine City 60

2.Immerse yourself in the world of anime and manga in Ikebukuro

Ikebukuro is on the market as an anime town.
After all, there is Animate Ikebukuro main store.

In addition, there are anime shops other than Animate, anime cafes, and shops for each work.
It’s also fun to stroll along “Otome Road”♪

If you love anime, definitely visit Ikebukuro (Tokyo)♪

2-1.The world’s largest anime shop! Go to Animate main store

The world's largest anime shop! Go to Animate main store

The world’s largest anime shop, Animate Ikebukuro, will open in March 2023.
A mecca of anime with places where you can take pictures, such as event spaces.
If you like anime, don’t miss it!

>Animate Ikebukuro main store Offcial Site

2-2.Explore the shops for each anime and character work!

Explore the shops for each anime and character work!

In Ikebukuro, there are many anime shops for anime, games, and production companies.
If there is a work you like, please stop by.。

>Ikebukuro Manga/Animation Shop(Tokyo,Japan)

2-3.Immerse yourself in the world at an anime themed cafe

Two ways to enjoy Sanrio Cafe Ikebukuro! take-out and eat-in

there is a ” Anime Themed Cafes” where you can enjoy the world of anime and manga and game.
Ikebukuro has its own “Anime Themed Cafes”.
Enjoy the world of anime and manga.

>Anime Themed Cafes and Restaurants

2-4.Stroll along Otome Road


Ikebukuro is more than just the Animate Main Store.
ACOS Ikebukuro Main Store (costumes), Animate Cafe, and related stores are dotted around the area called Otome Road.
“Otome” means “female (girl) otaku”.
It’s a big deal, so go swagger.

3.The origin of manga! Stroll through Shiinamachi, where Tokiwa-so was located 1Stop from Ikebukuro

Tokiwaso Manga Museum
Manga and anime are the representative cultures of Japan.
The origin was the wooden two-story apartment called “Tokiwa-so” that was located in Toshima-ku, Tokyo.
The “Tokiwa-so” was recreated as a museum.

>Tokiwaso Manga Museum(Toshima City,Tokyo,Japan)Origin of Japanese Manga

4.Visit shrines and temples in or near Ikebukuro

Shrines and Temples near Ikebukuro

In general, many Japanese do not believe in religion.
When you say “religion” in Japan, it is sometimes treated the same as a cult.
However, there are still many shrines and temples.
Please be quiet as this is a religious facility.

Collecting Goshuin (Red stamps) is also fun.

>Shrines and Temples near Ikebukuro,tokyo

5.Climb Fujizuka near Ikebukuro

Gokokuji Temple!You can climb Mt.Fuji,Tokyo

Fujizuka is, so to speak, a miniature Mt. Fuji.
It was created by believers of Mt. Fuji religion at the end of the Edo period.
It is said that climbing Fujizuka has the same benefits as climbing real Mt. Fuji.
Since you came all the way to Japan, please climb Mt. Fuji.

>Gokokuji Temple!You can climb Mt.Fuji,Tokyo

6.Stroll through a Japanese garden near Ikebukuro

Mejiro Teien Garden

A small Japanese garden is within walking distance from Ikebukuro.
If you get on the train, you can see a large Japanese garden.

>Japanese Garden near Ikebukuro(Tokyo, Japan)

7.Tokyo Souvenirs! Find Your Capsule Toy in Ikebukuro

Tokyo Souvenirs! Find Your Capsule Toy

In Ikebukuro, there are Capsule Toy machines everywhere.
Among them, the gashapon department store in Ikebukuro, located on the 3rd floor of Sunshine City Alpa, has 3,000 of them, the largest in the world.
There are many anime and other things, so how about a souvenir?

>the gashapon department store in Ikebukuro

8.Meet floating jellyfish and flying penguins at the aquarium in Ikebukuro

Meet floating jellyfish and flying penguins at the aquarium in Ikebukuro

At the aquarium in Sunshine City, you can see floating jellyfish, flying penguins, and sea lions.
If you like sea creatures, don’t miss it!

>sunshine aquarium

9.Explore famous buildings such as historical or Western-style buildings

sakura@Jiyugakuen Myonichikan

In the Ikebukuro area, there are historical buildings such as the Jiyu Gakuen Myonichikan designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and Rikkyo University’s first cafeteria.
If you take the train, you can also go to Western-style buildings from the Meiji and Taisho eras.

You can learn the ingenuity to fuse Western civilization with Japanese.

>Historical Architecture in or near Ikebukuro

10.Let’s make a food sample near Ikebukuro


Fake Food Sample Making Experience ,near Ikebukuro,Tokyo,Japan
You can have a Fake Food Sample Making Experience near Ikebukuro.

>Fake Food Sample Making Experience ,near Ikebukuro,Tokyo,Japan

11.Drink beer made in Ikebukuro

Drink beer made in Ikebukuro

Surprisingly, beer is brewed in the Ikebukuro area.
If you like beer, please drink beer from Ikebukuro.

>Best Craft Beer Breweries near 【IKEBUKURO】in Tokyo

12.Eat Ikebukuro’s local food

Eat Ikebukuro's local food
Let’s eat dishes unique to Ikebukuro.

>Ikebukuro Food Guide!What to eat?Best Restaurant Recommendations

13.Shopping at a 100 yen shops


There are 13 stores in Ikebukuro, including 100 yen and 300 yen shop.
There are also products that are perfect as Japanese souvenirs, such as handkerchiefs with anime and Japanese patterns.
Please stop by.

>Hundred(100)+3 Hundred(300)yen Shop in Ikebukuro

14.Collect Unique Goshuin in Ikebukuro ,Tokyo


A goshuin is a stampe for worshipers, mainly at shrines and temples in Japan.

Basically, you will receive it in the goshuin-cho (goshuin book) .
You can’t get it in a general notebook.

In Ikebukuro (Tokyo), there are temples and shrines that give out unique goshuin.
It is also a good idea to bring a goshuin-cho (goshuin book) and collect goshuin on foot, by train, or by bus.

>How to Collect Unique Goshuin in Ikebukuro ,Tokyo

15.Enjoy the four seasons of Japan

Ikebukuro has scenery that can be enjoyed in every season.

15-1.Spring in Ikebukuro (March to May)

【End of March】Sakura(Cherry Blossom)

sakura@Mejiro Garden

>Cherry Blossoms(Sakura)Spots in Ikebukuro(Tokyo,Japan)

Cherryblossoms in Spring(late March)Koishikawa Korakuen Garden

>Cherry Blossoms(Sakura)Spots near Ikebukuro(Tokyo,Japan)

15-2.Summer in Ikebukuro (June to August)

【June】Hydrangea(Ajisai) in Ikebukuro

With cute cats!Gokokuji Temple

>Hydrangea(Ajisai) around Ikebukuro ,Tokyo ,Japan

15-3.Autumn in Ikebukuro (September to November)

【End of September】Cluster Amaryllis(Red Spider Lily) in Ikebukuro

Red Spider Lily@Gokokuji Temple

>Cluster Amaryllis(Red Spider Lily) in or near Ikebukuro

15-4.Winter in Ikebukuro (December to February)

【End of November】Autumn Leaves in Ikebukuro

Autumn leaves in Winter(Early December)@Minami Ikebukuro Park,Tokyo

>Autumn leaves in Ikebukuro,Tokyo , Japan

Gokokuji Temple

>Autumn Leaves near Ikebukuro【within 30min】Tokyo, Japan

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