Ikebukuro Chicken-Katsu(Don,Curry)Tokyo, Japan

Ikebukuro Chicken-Katsu(Don,Curry)Tokyo, Japan Chicken-Katsu

There is a restaurant in Ikebukuro where chicken cutlets are delicious.


1-1.St.Pauls no TONARI/セントポールの隣

Ikebukuro Chicken-Katsu(Don,Curry)/St.Pauls no TONARI
Today I’ll show you White Katsudon at next to St.pauls.

As its name suggests, this store is near Rikkyo University.
One of the popular menus at this restaurant is the “white katsudon”.

A typical katsudon is a JapaneseDish with pork fried tonkatsu on top of rice.

“White Katsudon (Shiroi katsudon)” is a dish with thick chicken cutlets topped with rice.
Furthermore, tororo, kimchi, hot spring egg, seaweed and sesame are topped.
Let’s eat with sauce.

I didn’t see an English menu.
Let’s go out with a friend who understands Japanese.

1-2.GO!GO!CURRY/ゴーゴーカレー池袋東口スタジアム/ 池袋サンシャイン中央通りスタジアム

Go Go Curry is a chain store of ”Kanazawa Curry“.
Kanazawa is the name of a city in the Hokuriku region of Japan.
They offer curries commonly eaten in Kanazawa.

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