Chicken Katsu(Don,Curry)【5 Restaurants 】in Ikebukuro ,Tokyo

Chicken Katsu(Don,Curry)【4 Restaurants 】in Ikebukuro ,Tokyo Chicken-Katsu

Chicken Katsu means chicken cutlet.
A dish made by coating chicken with flour, beaten egg, and bread crumbs and deep-frying it in a large amount of edible oil.
You can eat it as a set meal, rice bowl, or curry rice( ̄▽+ ̄*)

1.Chicken Katsu set meal in Ikebukuro! recommended for lunch【1Restaurant】

1-1.【Ikebukuro East】Taishu Shokudo KaburaYa|かぶら屋


Kaburaya is located near Hareza Ikebukuro(Ikebukuro east ).

You can eat fried food set meals centered on chicken such as chicken katsu, fried chicken, fried horse mackerel, and chicken nanban at a reasonable price.

You can choose a combination of fried foods (* ̄ー ̄*)


2.Chicken cutlet bowl in Ikebukuro【1Restaurant】

2-1.【Ikebukuro west】St Paul no Tonari|セントポールの隣

Ikebukuro Chicken-Katsu(Don,Curry)/St.Pauls no TONARI

The specialty dish of “St. Paul no Tonari” next to Rikkyo University is “white cutlet bowl(白いカツ丼)”.

Chicken Katsu made from deep-fried chicken breast go well with soft-boiled egg and kimchi.

Rikkyo University graduates started this restaurant with the desire to feed their juniors delicious food to the fullest, so every menu is large amount.
It seems to be loved not only by the students but also by the locals.


3.Ikebukuro chicken katsu curry【3Restaurants】

3-1.【Sunshine City】Tiger BonBon|ティガボンボン


Western bistro: Tigre BonBon is located on the 3rd floor of Ikebukuro’s landmark Sunshine City Alpa.
There are many Western dishes loved by locals, such as hamburgers, steaks, and doria.

Not only the taste, but also the arrangement is creative and ingenious.
Taste it with your five senses.

3-2.【West】 Lunch House Mitoya/ランチハウスミトヤ


Lunch House Mitoya is located at the west exit of Ikebukuro, on the road towards Rikkyo University.
Even if you ask normally, the amount is large, so the male rate is high.

“Mom’s Curry and Rice (the name of the menu, but it accurately describes the reality)” is topped with a thick chicken cutlet, and it’s full of volume.
Let’s eat carefully while calculating the distribution of curry.

3-3.【2 shops at Ikebukuro east】Go Go Curry|ゴーゴーカレー


Go Go Curry is a Kanazawa curry restaurant with two locations at the east Ikebukuro.
The definition of Kanazawa curry is as follows.

  • Curry roux is rich
  • Cabbage shredded as a side dish
  • Served on a stainless steel dish
  • Eat with a fork or a split spoon
  • Katsu is placed on top of the roux, with sauce on top

The type of katsu on top of the roux is not specified, and it can be pork cutlet or chicken cutlet.


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