Shio (Salt) Ramen in Ikebukuro【3shops】

Shio (Salt) Ramen in Ikebukuro【2shops】 Food

Ikebukuro has many ramen shops.
Shio (Salt) Ramen tastes the lightest of all ramen.
If you don’t like oily or rich flavors, salt ramen is recommended.

1.Ikebukuro Shio (Salt) Ramen【3shops】

1-1.Shio Soba Kuwabara/塩そば専門店桑ばら

Kuwabara have only shioramen(shio-soba).
Beautiful golden soup

The ticket vending machine is located on the left site, looking at the store in front
Notation in Japanese only
You may want to visit with friends who can use Japanese

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1-2.Menya Hululu/麺屋Hulu-lu

hululu is #Hawaiian #ramenshop
This is #soltramen

The feature of this shop is Tanrei (means light body) soup and thin and hard noodles.
The soup is clear and beautiful.

There was no English menu.
Let’s go with friends who can use Japanese.

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1-3.Hisamatsu/鶏そば・鯛そば 久松

Ramenshop Hisamatsu is popular for chicken ramen and sea bream ramen.
The Photo is tai-soba.
Tai means Red snapper fish.
They take soup stock from Seabream, kelp and dried shiitake

Ticket vending machines are only in Japanese, but …
English-speaking menu available

2.【MAP】Ikebukuro Ramen


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