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【Summary】 Temples+Shrines

In Japan, shrines and temples are sacred places and sanctuaries.
However, there are the following differences

  • Shrine
    Where there are deities (polytheistic gods), there are priesthood.
  • Temple
    Generally a Buddhist temple where monks practice in Japan.

Since it is a sanctuary, visit with respect( ̄^ ̄)ゞ


1.Walking distance from Ikebukuro! Shrines and temples 【8】

We will share shrines and temples that are directly connected to Ikebukuro Station or that can be walked from Ikebukuro Station.

1-1.Ikebukuro Daibutsu(Great Buddha)@ Sengyoji Temple/池袋大仏

Shrines and Temples near Ikebukuro

Temple in a building near Minami-Ikebukuro Park: Sengyoji On the 1st floor, Ikebukuro Daibutsu is enshrined.
While floating in the air, it watches over the land of Ikebukuro.
Surprised to see a large Buddha statue near Ikebukuro Station( ̄口 ̄∥)

>日蓮宗 松栄山 仙行寺

1-2.Labyrinth in Ikebukuro!Ikosan InariDo/威光稲荷堂


A shrine located in an alley around the cemetery on Azuma-dori, five minutes from the east exit of Ikebukuro Station.

It is lined with red torii gates, long and narrow, like beds for eels.
There is a small hill in the back, and a tree that looks like a sacred tree is enshrined.


1-3.Stalls line up during the SAKURA season!Homyoji temple/法明寺寺


If you go further inside the Ikosan Inari-do above, you will come to Ikosan Homyoji Temple.
During the cherry blossom season, stalls are lined up and it is lively (due to the corona crisis, it was voluntarily refrained)
The flowers and trees of the four seasons are beautiful.


1-4.A temple is a cafe and a bar! ? Shounji Temple/祥雲寺

Shounji Temple near Ikebukuro

Shounji Temple is located almost in Kanamecho.
Occasionally they host a cafe or bar.
Let’s enjoy coffee and alcohol in a quiet space while looking at the autumn leaves and fresh green of the garden.

>ぼうず’n COFFEE

1-5.Guardian deity of Nishi-Ikebukuro! Ikebukuro Mitake Shrine/池袋御嶽神社


Ikebukuro Mitake Shrine, the guardian deity of the Ikebukuro West Exit area.
There is also an Inari shrine with red torii gates.
Many owls are enshrined in the precincts, and owls are also featured on the goshuin.


1-6.Seibu department store rooftop! Fushimi Inari Shrine/伏見稲荷神社

Fushimi Inari Jinja Shrine on the roof of Seibu Department Store

On the 9th floor of the Seibu Ikebukuro Main Store, in the depths of Monet’s Pond (water lily garden) in the aerial garden of food and greenery, Inari Shrine is enshrined, where Inari Okami, the god of bountiful harvests and prosperous business, is enshrined.
It’s the closest shrine from Ikebukuro Station, so let’s put our hands together.

>西[the roof on the ninth floor] Meal and green aerial garden

1-7.【Zoshigaya】 A demon without horns! kishimojin/鬼子母神

Kishimojin Temple

Kariteimo, who was a tyrant, became a devotee of Shakyamuni Buddha and vowed to become a goddess of safe childbirth and child rearing, becoming Kishimojin and being revered by the people.
It’s not displayed well on the net, but that’s why there’s no “oni” horn in “Kishimojin”.


1-8.【Zoshigaya】Goshuin for a limited time! Otori Shrine/大鳥神社


Zoshigaya Otori Shrine, which is also the venue for the handicraft market.
The stamp of “Toden Shrine Circuit” is stamped on the goshuin.
Get a sense of the season with the special goshuin stamps that are distributed from time to time.

>大鳥神社 公式サイト

2.【4】shrines and temples to visit by bus from Ikebukuro

It is a bit far to walk, so I recommend visiting by bicycle, LOOP, or bus.

2-1.【Sugamo】Sazaedo + Hiroshi Senju’s “Waterfall” Sugamo-Ohdai Kannon/


Sazaedo, Sugamo Ohdai Kannon-do, built in 2013 at Taisho University in Sugamo.
The corridor inside the temple has a double helix structure in which the outward and return paths do not intersect.

It is said that if you climb the “stairs of enlightenment” with a section of the Heart Sutra written in Sanskrit on the side, you will get the same merit as chanting the Heart Sutra.
Hiroshi Senju’s “Waterfall” is painted behind Ohdai Kannon and on the lower wall, so it is also recommended for Senju fans.

>すがも鴨台観音堂(鴨台さざえ堂)| 大正大学

2-2.【Kamiikebukuro】Kawazu Cherry Blossoms + Goshuin! Koyasu Inari Shrine/子安稲荷神社


A child-rearing shrine located in a residential area of Kami-Ikebukuro.
A hidden spot for Kawazu cherry blossoms.
A limited goshuin is awarded each month.


2-3.【Kumano Town】Kumakuma(Bear Bear)Shrine! Kumano Shrine/熊野神社


Commonly known as “Kumakuma Shrine” at Kumano Junction, the intersection of National Route 254 (Kawagoe Kaido) and Metropolitan Route 317 (Yamate Dori).
“Kuma” is Japanese for the animal bear.
The goshuin comes with a bear instead of an owl.
It has a unique worldview.


2-4.【Ochiai Minami Nagasaki】 Cat Jizo is a Landmark! Jishoin/自性院


From Ikebukuro, take a bus or walk from Higashi-Nagasaki Station on the Seibu Ikebukuro Line.
The cat Jizo standing at the entrance is a landmark, and in the Jizo Hall, a secret Buddha “Neko Jizo” is enshrined, and it seems that it will be unveiled at the Setsubun festival on February 3rd.

Rare cherry blossoms such as Kawazuzakura and Gyoiko are worth seeing.


3.Shrines and temples that can be reached by subway from Ikebukuro 【1】

3-1.【Gokokuji】 Let’s climb Fujizuka(miniature mount Fuji)♪ Gokokuji/護国寺

Gokokuji Temple

Gokokuji Temple has beautiful trees and flowers that change with the seasons.
At the bottom of the stairs, there is a fujizuka “Otowa Fuji”, which can be climbed at any time.
We recommend climbing Mt.Fuji as you visit the temple.


Gokokuji Temple!You can climb Mt.Fuji,Tokyo
1.Basic Information about Gokokuji Temple Gokokuji Temple was built in February 1681. In spite of an earthquake and a wa...


4.【4】shrines and temples accessible by train from Ikebukuro

【Shiinamachi】 Manga Jizo! Kongo-in Temple/金剛院


One stop from Ikebukuro Station on the Seibu Ikebukuro Line, at the north exit of Shiinamachi Station, there is a manga Jizo at Kongo-in Temple.
It faces the direction of Tokiwa-so, the mecca of manga.
There is a cafe called “Akamon Terrace Nayuta”.
While gazing out at the garden, enjoy temple meals made mainly of vegetables and seasonal sweets.

>Kongho-in Temple

>赤門テラス なゆた

4-2.【Komagome】Near Rikugien! Komagome Fuji Shrine with Fujizuka/駒込富士神社


A shrine with a Fujizuka “Komagome Fuji” near Rikugien.
From the end of June to the beginning of July, when the mountain season opens, night stalls open and the area is bustling with people.
Beautiful when the cherry blossoms bloom


4-3.【Sugamo】Togenuki Jizo Koganji Temple/高岩寺

koganji Temple(Togenuki jizo)

koganji Temple

It is located in Grandma’s Harajuku, Sugamo Jizo-dori Shopping Street, and is affectionately known as “Togenuki Jizo-son.”
At Arai Kannon, wash your bad parts and eat happiness dumplings.

>“Togenuki Jizouson” Koganji Temple

4-4.【Sugamo】Monkey! Sugamo Koshinzuka/巣鴨庚申塚

Sugamo Sarudahiko Koushindo

A small shrine located at the entrance to Jizo-dori Shopping Street from Koshinzuka Station on the Toden Arakawa Line (Sakura Tram).
A stone statue of a monkey is humorous.


【MAP】Shrines and temples in the Ikebukuro area

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