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【Summary】 Temples+Shrines

In Japan, shrines and temples are sacred places and sanctuaries.
However, there are the following differences

  • Shrine
    Where there are deities (polytheists gods), there are priesthood.
  • Temple
    Generally a Buddhist temple where monks practice.

Since it is a sanctuary, visit with respect( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

1.Shrines and temples within walking distance of Ikebukuro

1-1.Fushimi Inari Jinja Shrine on the roof of Seibu Department Store

Fushimi Inari Jinja Shrine on the roof of Seibu Department Store
It is said that there was a custom to establish Inari Shrine on the roof, praying for business prosperity.

1-2.Iko Inari Do Shrine

Iko Inari Do Shrine near Ikebukuro
Although it is only 8 minutes walk from Ikebukuro station, you can get lost in the labyrinth.
You cannot enter for any purpose other than worship

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1-3.Great Buddha of Ikebukuro@Sengyoji Temple

Shrines and Temples near Ikebukuro
The Great Buddha of Ikebukuro is enshrined.

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1-4.Shounji Temple

Shounji Temple near Ikebukuro
The cafe(bouzun coffee) opens irregularly (about once a week).
Recommended if there is a schedule.

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1-5.Ikebukuro Mitake Shrine

Ikebukuro Mitake Shrine near Ikebukuro
Ikebukuro Mitake Shrine is Guardian deity of Ikebukuro west area.
As a guardian deity of Ikebukuro,It has plenty of charms with owls.
I recommend for Ikebukuro Souvenirs.

it seems that you can reach it from JR Ikebukuro Station West Exit in 15 minutes on foot.

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2.Temple in Zoshigaya(2 stops from Ikebukuro on the Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin Line)

2-1.Kishimojin Temple

Kishimojin Temple
A demon without horns is enshrined.
On the precincts are Inari Shrine with red torii gates and a candy store.

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3.Temple in Gokokuji(2 stops from Ikebukuro on the Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line)

3-1.Gokokuji Temple

Gokokuji Temple
You can enjoy various flowers depending on the season.
Don’t forget to climb Fujizuka (Miniature Fuji)

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Gokokuji Temple!You can climb Mt.Fuji,Tokyo
1.Basic Information about Gokokuji Temple Gokokuji Temple was built in February 1681. In spite of an earthquake a...

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4.Temple + Shrine in Shiinamachi(1 stops from Ikebukuro on the Seibu Ikebukuro Line)

4-1.Kongohin Temple

Kongohin Temple
There is a manga Jizo in Kongo-in Temple.
There is a cafe so you can enjoy lunch and tea

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4-2.Nagasaki Jinja Shrine

Nagasaki Jinja Shrine
Nagasakijinja in Shiinamachi 1stop from Ikebukuo Station .
It’s a small shrine, but it’s a traditional shrine.

5.Temple in HigashiNagasaki(2 stops from Ikebukuro on the Seibu Ikebukuro Line)


jishoin is located in 20minutes by bus or by train from ikebukuro station .

In normal years, green flowers bloom in late April.
The color of the flowers gradually faded, from yellow-green to yellow, and the center became reddish.
They are called gyoiko or gyoikou

Jishoin has late blooming cherryblossoms.

Jishouin is known as a cattemple

6.Shrine in Komagome(3 stops from Ikebukuro on the Yamanote Line)

6-1.Komagome Fuji Shrine

Komagome Fuji Shrine
Let’s climb Komagome Fuji (miniature Fuji).
It is near Rikugien Garden, known for its Japanese garden.
I recommend that you visit together.

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7.Temple and Shrine in Sugamo(2 stops from Ikebukuro on the Yamanote Line)

7-1.koganji Temple(Togenuki jizo)

koganji Temple(Togenuki jizo)
It is said that there is a benefit of removing diseases and heart stings.
The shopping street is also fun.

7-2.Sugamo Sarudahiko Koushindo

Sugamo Sarudahiko Koushindo
Small but loved by locals

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