Ikebukuro Tonkotsu Ramen【11shops】Tokyo!Pork Bone(Based)noodle

Ikebukuro Tonkotsu Ramen【7shops】Tokyo, Japan Food ,What to eat
Tonkotsu Ramen

I share a TONKOTSU ramen restaurants (pork bone base soup) that can be recommended in Ikebukuro.
Tonkotsu ramen is ramen made from pork bones.
Check the details on the Instagram or the official website of the store for details.

1. Ikebukuro【Station】Tonkotsu Ramen[1 Restaurant]

1-1. TOKYO Tonkotsu BASE MADE by Ippudo/TOKYO豚骨BASE MADE by 一風堂

Ikebukuro Tonkotu Ramen/TOKYO TONKOTSU BASE MADE by Hakata IPPUDO Ikebukuro

TOKYO Tonkotsu BASE MADE by Ippudo is located in the basement of Ikebukuro Station, next to Ikefukuro.

“TOKYO Tonkotsu BASE” is a tonkotsu ramen shop “from Tokyo” produced by “Hakata Ippudo”.

With a rich variety of arrangements such as soy sauce and miso based on tonkotsu soup, it seems that they have brought out the new charm of tonkotsu ramen.

It’s very convenient when you want a quick tonkotsu ramen at the station.


2. Ikebukuro【East】Tonkotsu Ramen [6 Restaurants]

2-1.【Only in Ikebukuro】 Mutekiya/無敵家

Ikebukuro Tonkotu Ramen/MUTEKIYA

Founded in August 1994 at its current location in Ikebukuro, Tokyo.
Ikebukuro Station Seibu South Exit, a procession at the intersection where Bikkuri Guard and Meiji Dori intersect.
I think it’s relatively easy to enter on weekdays after 15:00 to 17:00.

It is a soup where you can taste the elegant sweetness and aroma of the odorless tonkotsu, which is made by cooking a large amount of high-quality pork bones, and the refreshing richness without any unpleasant taste.
Enjoy the tonkotsu ramen that can only be tasted here in Ikebukuro, with no affiliated stores.

▼Offcial website

2-2.【Originating in Ikebukuro】Tonchin/屯ちんん

Ikebukuro Tonkotu Ramen/TONCHIN
“Tonkotsu Ramen” born in Tokyo is said to be Tokyo Tonkotsu Ramen.
Based on pork bones, it features a refreshing and rich soup, and medium-thick, curly homemade noodles that are hand kneaded using a unique blend of wheat flour.

“池袋屯ちん(Ikebukuro Tonchin)” is written on the bowl.
Feel the love for Ikebukuro
Ikebukuro has two Tonchin at the east and west exits.

West Exit Shop has ticket machines are available in the following languages:

  • English
  • Chinese
  • Korean

If you are not confident in the language, I recommend using the west exit store.

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2-3.【Originating in Ikebukuro】BUSHIKOTUMEN Taizo/節骨麺たいぞう池袋総本店

Ikebukuro Chicken Ramen/BUSHIKOTUMEN TAIZO
Originating in Ikebukuro in 2004, you can enjoy a golden blend soup of seafood, pork bones, and chicken bones, and the finest custom-made noodles.

Ramen noodles and tsukemen noodles are jointly developed with a long-established noodle factory.
It seems that they finished with medium-thick kneaded noodles and thick noodles, respectively.

Greetings are heartfelt.

▼Offcial website


Ikebukuro Tonkotu Ramen/IPPUDO

Located on the corner near Minami-Ikebukuro Park, Ippudo is a Hakata ramen evangelist that was founded in Daimyo, Fukuoka in 1985 and has 131 stores nationwide.

Hakata Kinugoshi Tonkotsu, Takumi Gaeshi’s soup, and Ippudo’s exclusive wheat “Kaze” are placed on No. 26 (thin noodles) on the square blade noodle line, and served with Kasane-cooked char siu “Kata” and “Bara”. Fudou Ramen.

Don’t hesitate to “ZuZZutto” all the time.



Ikebukuro Tonkotu Ramen/ICHIRAN

Ichiran is located in a crowded area at the east exit of Ikebukuro.
They are developing unique business forms such as “Aji concentration counter” and “order form”.
Instead of diversifying their menu, they have narrowed it down to just one “natural tonkotsu ramen,” and they continue to pursue the deliciousness of tonkotsu ramen forever.

This is probably because they want to convey the deliciousness of tonkotsu ramen.


2-6. Ramen Jiro/ラーメン二郎

Ikebukuro Tonkotu Ramen/Ramen Jiro

Ramen Jiro is located near Minami Ikebukuro Park.

Ramen Jiro is one of popular ramen chain restaurants in Japan.
Ramen Jiro is famous for its huge portions and its distinctly flavored broth.

Their ramen is piled high with plenty of vegetables,oil,Chashu(Pork stewed in soysauce) that makes a big impact on me…

Ramen Jiro has many enthusiastic fans and they are called JIRORIAN

>Ramen Jiro/ラーメン二郎

2-7. Naritake/なりたけ


From the Ikebukuro east exit, walk along Meiji-dori towards Zoshigaya, and you will find Naritake.
It features a rich soup that makes the most of the umami of backfat and home-made thick noodles that are hard boiled.

It’s backfat type (you can change the amount according to your taste), and it has a strong taste.


2-8. Up to 2 extra ramen noodles are free! Tonkotsu Ramen Hakata Furyu

替え玉2玉まで無料!とんこつラーメン 博多風龍

“Hakata Furyu” is located at the place where you turn right in front of WACCA Ikebukuro after going in the direction of HAREZA on Meiji Dori of Ikebukuro east exit.

You can choose the firmness of the thin noodles (adjust with hot water), and you can enjoy a cloudy tonkotsu soup and typical Hakata ramen.
You are happy that up to 2 extra ramen noodles for your leftover soup are free.
Currently operating 9 stores mainly in Tokyo

>Tonkotsu Ramen Hakata Furyu

3.Ikebukuro【West Exit】 Tonkotsu Ramen [1 Restaurant]

3-1. Kannana Tosakko Ramen/環七土佐っ子ラーメン


Kannana Tosakko Ramen is located near Rosa Kaikan on Tokiwa Street, west exit of Ikebukuro.
It seems that it started with a stall along Kannana.
It is said that the craftsmen of the time have kept the taste unchanged for decades.

A well-known restaurant for those in the know
I recommend the bargain set until 17:00


3-2.【near Kanamecho】 Menya Totonou。 Sauna concept

Rather than saying Ikebukuro West Exit, “Menya Totonou。” is located almost in Kanamecho.
A store specializing in tanmen, the concept is a sauna.

It’s a tonkotsu soup with a strong garlic flavor, but it’s not junk and looks good for your body.

>Tanmen specialty store Menya Totou.


The orange mark is a tonkotsu ramen shop.


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