Ikebukuro Tonkotsu Ramen【7shops】Tokyo, Japan

Ikebukuro Tonkotsu Ramen【7shops】Tokyo, Japan Food
Tonkotsu Ramen

I share a ramen restaurants (pork bone base soup) that can be recommended in Ikebukuro.
Check the details on the Instagram or the official website of the store for details.

1.Ikebukuro East Tonkotu Ramen【3shops】


Ikebukuro Tonkotu Ramen/ICHIRAN

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Ikebukuro Tonkotu Ramen/MUTEKIYA
Many people always are waiting in a line.
If it is about 15-16 o’clock, the line is shorter and recommended.

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Ikebukuro Tonkotu Ramen/IPPUDO

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Ikebukuro Tonkotu Ramen/TONCHIN
Pork bone ramen born in Tokyo.
A ramen shop from Ikebukuro.
Tonkotu(pork bone)ramen is more famous.

Ikebukuro has two Tonchin at the east and west exits.

West Exit Shop has ticket machines are available in the following languages:

  • English
  • Chinese
  • Korean

If you are not confident in the language, I recommend using the west exit store.

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1-5.TOKYO TONKOTSU BASE MADE by Hakata IPPUDO Ikebukuro/TOKYO豚骨BASE MADE by 博多一風堂 池袋店

Ikebukuro Tonkotu Ramen/TOKYO TONKOTSU BASE MADE by Hakata IPPUDO Ikebukuro
This is a ” in station ramen shop ” produced by IPPUDO .
There are a variety of tonkotsu so that anyone can like one.

It is located the right of the Ikefukuro.

1-6.Ramen Jiro/ラーメン二郎

Ikebukuro Tonkotu Ramen/Ramen Jiro
Ramen Jiro is one of popular ramen chain restaurants in Japan.
Ramen Jiro is famous for its huge portions and its distinctly flavored broth.

Their ramen is piled high with plenty of vegetables,oil,Chashu(Pork stewed in soysauce) that makes a big impact on me…

Ramen Jiro has many enthusiastic fans and they are called JIRORIAN

▼Official website

2.Ikebukuro West Tonkotu Ramen【2shops】


Ikebukuro Chicken Ramen/BUSHIKOTUMEN TAIZO
Not only pork bones but also chicken and seafood soup
There are shops not only at the west exit but also at the east exit

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The orange mark is a tonkotsu ramen shop.


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