Listen to My Japanese History

Listen to my Japanese History Culture

When I travel in Asia, I try to visit places related to Japan.
It’s usually a battle ruins.

Japan appears as a “bad guy”
I am sad.

Also, in Ikebukuro (Tokyo), where I started my guide, there was Sugamo Prison.

Japan had its own circumstances.
Not only in Ikebukuro, but also in the history of Japan that I investigated.
I will tell you the history seen by Japanese, who are often regarded as “bad guys”.

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I am a guide, not a history expert.
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1.Japanese History of Edo Period to Meiji Restoration

1-1.Japan and Asia before 1853

Asia in the 19th century was becoming mostly a colony of great powers (UK, France, Netherlands, Spain).

1-2.Black Warships came to Japan from US(1854)

A warship comes to Japan from the United States and presses for the opening of the country

1-3.1850s Japanese Reaction to opening the country

Most daimyo said, “We really want to avoid opening the country. If it’s impossible, it’s minimal.”
Some say, “Depending on how you interact with foreign countries, there are benefits. Don’t hate foreign countries, let’s take in the missing parts.”

1-4.Which port will Japan open to the US?Thet’s the problem in 1858.

  • Japan → We have been isolated for more than 200 years.
    We would like to start as small as possible and gradually expand trade.
  • America → Japan also has benefits. Let us trade freely.

Enjoy the offense and defense of Japan vs US.

1-5.How the Great Powers colonize?

What the Five Articles of Ansei Brought(1860s-)?
What did Japan protect by concluding the treaty, and what became a problem later?
It is a content that shows the duality of the great powers.

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