Character Cafe in Ikebukuro(Tokyo,Japan)

Character Cafe in Ikebukuro(Tokyo,Japan) Culture

In Japan, there is a “character cafe” where you can enjoy the world of anime and manga.
Ikebukuro has its own “character cafe”.
Enjoy the world of anime and manga.

1.【Permanent】Character Cafe in Ikebukuro

1-1.Sanrio Cafe

Cafe Wagon(Take out)

Except Sanrio Puroland, Ikebukuro is the only place where you can enjoy the world of seven types of Sanrio popular characters.
The cafe is crowded and you can also take out at the Cafewagon .

Cafe space (eat-in)

I had a smoothie with Hello Kitty at the SanrioCafe in SunshineCity Ikebukuro .

The cafe is always crowded and you have to wait for a long time.
But you are a Hello Kitty fan ,let’s visit!!

▼Official site

1-2.Pikachu-Sweets by Pokemon Cafe

Pastel-colored Pikachu welcomes you.
Because it is a take-out type, it can be used without reservation.
This is a business type only found in Ikebukuro.
If you like Pokemon, be sure to stop by.

▼Offcial website

1-3..KAMEN RIDER THE DINER(仮面ライダー ザ ダイナー)

The official restaurant where the Kamen Rider series and “Pasela Resorts” collaborated.
Inside the store inspired by Shocker’s secret base, there are statues of Kamen Riders and figures of successive riders lined up in a row.

▼Official website

2.【MAP】Ikebukuro Manga/Animation shops or Cafe

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