9 Good Anime Themed Cafes and Restaurants in Ikebukuro ,Tokyo , Japan

Character Cafe in Ikebukuro(Tokyo,Japan) Culture

In Tokyo Japan, there is a ” Anime Themed Cafes” where you can enjoy the world of anime and manga and game.
Ikebukuro has its own “Anime Themed Cafes”.
Enjoy the world of anime and manga.

1. Must Visit 【9】 Anime Themed Cafes in Ikebukuro

1-1.Sanrio Cafe

Two ways to enjoy Sanrio Cafe Ikebukuro! take-out and eat-in

You can enjoy Sanrio characters at Sanrio Cafe Ikebukuro.

  • Hello Kitty
  • my melody
  • little twin stars
  • Pompompurin
  • Cinnamoroll
  • Pochacco
  • Kuromi
  • Gudetama
  • Kero Kero Keroppi
  • hangyodon
  • Bad Badtz-Maru

You can enjoy it in 2 ways

Cafe Wagon(Take out)

Sanrio Cafe Ikebukuro!You can enjoy to go and for here

You can enjoy crepes, ice creams and roll cakes.
There are many Sanrio characters near the entrance, so let’s take a commemorative photo together (* ̄∇ ̄)ノ

The cafe is crowded and you can also take out at the Cafewagon .

Cafe space (eat-in)

How to eat in (use cafe seat) at Sanrio Cafe Ikebukuro

You can fully immerse yourself in the world of Sanrio.

How to eat in (use cafe seat) at Sanrio Cafe Ikebukuro

I had a smoothie with Hello Kitty at the SanrioCafe in SunshineCity Ikebukuro .

The cafe is always crowded and you have to wait for a long time.
But you are a big fan of Sanrio ,let’s visit!!

▼How to go Sanrio Cafe

Sanrio Cafe Ikebukuro!You can enjoy to go and for here
Sanrio characters such as Hello Kitty and My Melody are popular around the world. There is a cafe in Ikebukuro where you...

>Sanrio Cafe Official site

1-2.Pikachu-Sweets by Pokemon Cafe

Pikachu Sweets by Pokemon cafe(ピカチュウスイーツ by ポケモンカフェ)

Pastel-colored Pikachu welcomes you.
Because it is a take-out type, it can be used without reservation.
This is a business type only found in Ikebukuro.

Pikachu Sweets by Pokemon cafe(ピカチュウスイーツ by ポケモンカフェ)

Since it is a take-out specialty store, you cannot eat or drink inside.
But you can take pictures.

If you like Pokemon, be sure to stop by.

Pikachu-Sweets by Pokemon Cafe Offcial website

1-3.KAMEN RIDER THE DINER(仮面ライダー ザ ダイナー)

KAMEN RIDER THE DINER(仮面ライダー ザ ダイナー)

The official restaurant where the Kamen Rider series and “Pasela Resorts” collaborated.
Inside the store inspired by Shocker’s secret base, there are statues of Kamen Riders and figures of successive riders lined up in a row.

KAMEN RIDER THE DINER(仮面ライダー ザ ダイナー)

There are many food and drinks related to Kamen Rider.
KAMEN RIDER THE DINER Official website

1-4.CAFE CINNAMON(Ensemble Stars)

A stylish cafe with a reservation system has opened near Minami Ikebukuro Park.
Upon investigation, it seems that it is a permanent concept cafe that thoroughly reproduces “Cafe Cinnamon” that appears in the idol production game app “Ensemble Stars!! (Ansta)”.

It seems that not only the original lovers but also the general public will be able to make it.

It’s a complete reservation system (advance lottery), so let’s make a reservation on the official website before going out♪


1-5.Hotel Metropolitan Cake & Bakery Shop 1F

ホテルメトロポリタン ケーキ&ベーカリーショップ 1F

That Suica penguin has become a cake and a pudding.
Take-out is available at the cake and bakery shop on the 1st floor of Hotel Metropolitan Ikebukuro, which is operated by the JR Hotel Group.

  • Suica Penguin Season Cake (see photo) ¥520 (limited to 50 per day)
  • Suica Penguin Pudding 380 yen (limited quantity)
  • Suica Penguin Cake (Chocolate Orangette) ¥680 (Limited Quantity)

ホテルメトロポリタン ケーキ&ベーカリーショップ 1F
If you go in the afternoon, it is often sold out.
Either go early or make a reservation by 20:00 two days in advance and go to the site to pick it up.

>Suica Penguin Cake|Hotel Metropolitan Offical Site

It is also offered as a cake set at All Day Dining CROSS DINE in Hotel Metropolitan.
Although the value is high (; ̄ー ̄A, it seems that you can enjoy Suica’s penguin world.

>All Day Dining CROSS DINE|Hotel Metropolitan Offical Site

1-6.Chikawa Restaurant/ちいかわレストラン

They seem to have created an original menu and interior decoration based on the concept of a “family restaurant” so that Chikawa fans can enjoy themselves.
Advance reservations are required.

>Chikawa Restaurant

1-7.Peko chan House Sunshine City Alta store/サンシャインシティアルタ店

Peko chan House サンシャインシティアルタ店

A shop where you can get Fujiya Peko-chan goods and Western sweets has opened in Sunshine City ALTA.
There are also items that can only be found here, such as goods exclusive to the Ikebukuro store and macarons made in collaboration with Sunshine Aquarium. Recommended as a souvenir from Ikebukuro.

※There is no eat-in space.※

>Peko chan House Sunshine City Alta store

1-8.SESAME STREET MARKET/セサミストリートマーケット


The only one in the world! The official Sesame Street store, which combines product sales, a cafe, and a workshop, has come to Ikebukuro.
The donuts and parfaits are cute.


1-9.Flower Miffy juice garden(フラワーミッフィー ジュースガーデン)

【サンシャイン60】Flower Miffy juice garden(フラワーミッフィー ジュースガーデン)

“Flower Miffy Juice Garden” located on the basement floor of Sunshine City Alpa is a drink stand of “Flower Miffy” (located on the first floor of Alpa).
Although there are attached stores, Ikebukuro is the only independent Juice Garden.
Of course, we also have drinks and sweets exclusive to the Sunshine City Alpa store.
If you like Miffy, please visit at least once.

>Flower Miffy juice gardenサンシャインシティアルパ店

2.【MAP】Ikebukuro Manga/Animation shops or Cafe

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