Ikebukuro Tonkatsu【12 Restaurants】Tokyo,Japan

Ikebukuro Tonkatsu【2shops】Tokyo,Japan Food ,What to eat

Tonkatsu means Japanese pork cutlet or deep fried pork fillet.
You can eat good Tonkatsu in Ikebukuro( ̄▽+ ̄*)


1.Tonkatsu 4 restaurants at Ikebukuro East

1-1.Kimi ni Ageru(It means “fry for you”)/君に、揚げる。

Ikebukuro Tonkatsu/Kimi ni Ageru
Today I’ll show you #tonkatsu restaurant #ureurebuta tonkatsu #kiminiageru (君に、揚げる。) ”
kiminiageru (君に、揚げる。) means “I’ll fry to you “.

The cabbage in this photo is large.

The menu was only in Japanese.
Let’s go with a friend who can speak Japanese.

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1-2.Tonkatsu ShimizuYa/とんかつ清水屋

Ikebukuro Tonkatsu/ShimizuYa
You can eat Tonkatsu with cabbagemountain at Shimizuya in Ikebukuro .
The menu seemed to be in Japanese only.
Let’s go out with a friend who understands Japanese.

1-3.NO MEAT NO LIFE![Lunch Limited] Ikebukuro Meat Bar Bon

NO MEAT NO LIFE!【限定10食】池袋 肉バルBon
A meat bar that delicious wine and exquisite meat dishes.
For lunch, you can enjoy a “tonkatsu set meal” using branded pork such as Matsuzaka, Shiho, and Iwachu.
The loin cutlet set meal and fillet cutlet set meal, which are limited to 5 meals a day, are reasonably priced.

I didn’t see an English menu.
Let’s go there with friend who can speak Japanese.

>Ikebukuro Meat Bar Bon official site

1-4.Pink tonkatsu roasted at a vacuum low temperature! pon ya

A cute cross-section with a pink cut!
The secret to its beautiful pink color is that it is roasted at a low vacuum temperature for 90 minutes.

Not only the appearance, but also the texture and taste were cool.

>ponya Official site

1-5.Tonkatsu Fumiya/とんかつ二矢

卵がとろーり♪分厚くやわらかい とんかつ二矢
“Tonkatsu Fumiya” is located after leaving Ikebukuro’s east exit, heading towards the expressway along Meiji Dori, and passing the overpass.
The tonkatsu is three-dimensional and has sweet fatty meat ( ̄¬ ̄)
The yolk of the fried egg is runny.
If you want 3D tonkatsu in Ikebukuro, this is the place to go

>Tonkatsu Fumiya

2.Tonkatsu 4 restaurants at Ikebukuro West

2-1.Tonkatus wa Nomimono(“Nomimono” means drink)。/とんかつは飲み物。

Ikebukuro Tonkatsu/Tonkatus wa Nomimono
“Tonkatus wa Nomimono。” means “Tonkatus are drinkable(とんかつは飲み物。) ”

In addition to rice and miso soup, you can choose 3 dishes for free.
I forgot to take a picture, but there are English and Chinese menus.

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2-2.Sakaba Fukuro / さかばふくろ

Sakaba Fukuro / さかばふくろ
Sakaba Fukuro is a popular public bar in Ikebukuro.
They serve set meals at lunchtime on weekdays.
Affordable and large quantity.

2-3.Meigara Tonkatsu Fukuro/銘柄とんかつ梟

As they say, “Meigara Tonkatsu(brand pork cutlet),” you can choose from three brands of pork that the owner has tasted himself.
The restaurant is particular about not only the pork, but also the oil and rice.
The pink color of the meat stands out against the white clothing!
Come face-to-face with the famous tonkatsu at the semi-underground counter.

>Meigara Tonkatsu Fukuro


Lunch at an izakaya located underground across the street from Ikebukuro West Exit Park.
Barley rice is the basic dish, and some set meals come with grated yam.
Of course, tonkatsu too!
It’s difficult to get into because it’s underground, so it’s a little-known spot for lunch in Ikebukuro.

3.Inside Ikebukuro Station! Tonkatsu 2 restaurants

3-1.Basement of Tobu department store! BarMarche kodama MEAT DELICATESSEN

東武百貨店のデパ地下!バルマルシェコダマ ミートデリカテッセン
An eat-in store in eatobu on the 10th Avenue on the first basement floor of Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro.
This delicatessen is operated by Kodama, a long-established meat processing manufacturer.

It is a little-known spot that is not very crowded even though it is conveniently located inside the station.

>BarMarche kodama MEAT DELICATESSEN Official Site

3-2.Lnch is recommended.! Tonkatsu Daikichi

A pork cutlet restaurant near the entrance of the Tobu Hope Center inside Ikebukuro Station.
Reasonably priced tonkatsu and tonkatsu made with branded pork [Hayashi SPF].

The mille-feuille pork cutlet in the photo is no longer on the menu.

>Tonkatsu Daikichi Official Instagram

3-3.Tonkatsu Marushichi/とんかつ丸七

日本一厚い肉にこだわる!名物焼きカツ丼 とんかつ丸七
Tonkatsu Marushichi, a grilled cutlet bowl specialty restaurant, has opened on the 6th floor of Esola Ikebukuro.
The image is that the rice is covered with a veil of eggs, and the tonkatsu is sitting on top of it.
The photo is “NAMI(average)”, but it is so powerful. There is a subtle dignity about it.
Let’s immerse ourselves in the satisfaction of saying, “I ate meat!” with this elegant katsudon.

>Tonkatsu Marushichi

4.【MAP】Ikebukuro Tonkatsu


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