Ikebukuro Tonkatsu【8 Restaurants】Tokyo,Japan

Ikebukuro Tonkatsu【2shops】Tokyo,Japan Food ,What to eat

Tonkatsu means Japanese pork cutlet or deep fried pork fillet.
You can eat good Tonkatsu in Ikebukuro( ̄▽+ ̄*)


1.Tonkatsu 4 restaurants at Ikebukuro East

1-1.Kimi ni Ageru(It means “fry for you”)/君に、揚げる。

Ikebukuro Tonkatsu/Kimi ni Ageru
Today I’ll show you #tonkatsu restaurant #ureurebuta tonkatsu #kiminiageru (君に、揚げる。) ”
kiminiageru (君に、揚げる。) means “I’ll fry to you “.

The cabbage in this photo is large.

The menu was only in Japanese.
Let’s go with a friend who can speak Japanese.

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1-2.Tonkatsu ShimizuYa/とんかつ清水屋

Ikebukuro Tonkatsu/ShimizuYa
You can eat Tonkatsu with cabbagemountain at Shimizuya in Ikebukuro .
The menu seemed to be in Japanese only.
Let’s go out with a friend who understands Japanese.

1-3.NO MEAT NO LIFE![Lunch Limited] Ikebukuro Meat Bar Bon

NO MEAT NO LIFE!【限定10食】池袋 肉バルBon
A meat bar that delicious wine and exquisite meat dishes.
For lunch, you can enjoy a “tonkatsu set meal” using branded pork such as Matsuzaka, Shiho, and Iwachu.
The loin cutlet set meal and fillet cutlet set meal, which are limited to 5 meals a day, are reasonably priced.

I didn’t see an English menu.
Let’s go there with friend who can speak Japanese.

>Ikebukuro Meat Bar Bon official site

1-4.Pink tonkatsu roasted at a vacuum low temperature! pon ya

A cute cross-section with a pink cut!
The secret to its beautiful pink color is that it is roasted at a low vacuum temperature for 90 minutes.

Not only the appearance, but also the texture and taste were cool.

>ponya Official site

2.Tonkatsu 4 restaurants at Ikebukuro West

2-1.Tonkatus wa Nomimono(“Nomimono” means drink)。/とんかつは飲み物。

Ikebukuro Tonkatsu/Tonkatus wa Nomimono
“Tonkatus wa Nomimono。” means “Tonkatus are drinkable(とんかつは飲み物。) ”

In addition to rice and miso soup, you can choose 3 dishes for free.
I forgot to take a picture, but there are English and Chinese menus.

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2-2.Sakaba Fukuro / さかばふくろ

Sakaba Fukuro / さかばふくろ
Sakaba Fukuro is a popular public bar in Ikebukuro.
They serve set meals at lunchtime on weekdays.
Affordable and large quantity.

3.Inside Ikebukuro Station! Tonkatsu 2 restaurants

3-1.Basement of Tobu department store! BarMarche kodama MEAT DELICATESSEN

東武百貨店のデパ地下!バルマルシェコダマ ミートデリカテッセン
An eat-in store in eatobu on the 10th Avenue on the first basement floor of Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro.
This delicatessen is operated by Kodama, a long-established meat processing manufacturer.

It is a little-known spot that is not very crowded even though it is conveniently located inside the station.

>BarMarche kodama MEAT DELICATESSEN Official Site

3-2.Lnch is recommended.! Tonkatsu Daikichi

A pork cutlet restaurant near the entrance of the Tobu Hope Center inside Ikebukuro Station.
Reasonably priced tonkatsu and tonkatsu made with branded pork [Hayashi SPF].

The mille-feuille pork cutlet in the photo is no longer on the menu.

>Tonkatsu Daikichi Official Instagram

4.【MAP】Ikebukuro Tonkatsu


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