Ikebukuro Hamburg Steak【9 Restaurants】Tokyo, Japan

Ikebukuro Hamburg Steak【6 Restaurants】Tokyo, Japan Food
Hamburg Steak

Hamburg Steak is like hamburger without bread.
It is minced meat baked with onions, bread crumbs, etc. and then sauce.
A hamburger without bread, Salisburysteak may be near…

In Japan, it is one of the most popular menus for both children and adults.

1.Ikebukuro East Hamburg Steak【7 Restaurants】

1-1.Sapporo UshiTei/札幌牛亭

Sapporo UshiTei/Ikebukuro Hamburg Steak
You can eat Hamburgersteak with black pepper at SapporoUshiTei in Ikebukuro .
Vegetables such as onions and potatoes were also exquisitely chewy.

▼Official website


Ikebukuro Hamburg Steak/UCHOTEN
UCHOTEN is the Yosyoku restaurant known for its Hamburg Steak in Ikebukuro.

It is minced meat baked with onions, bread crumbs, etc. and then sauce.
A hamburger without bread, Salisburysteak may be near…

A favorite dish of Japanese children.
Menu is Japanese only
Let’s go with friends who can speak Japanese.

1-3.Kitchen Oh!Way/キッチン Oh!Way

Ikebukuro Hamburg Steak/Kitchen Oh!Way
There are various hamburger menus.
You can eat HamburgerSteak topped with BeefTendonStew at kitchenohway in Ikebukuro .

▼Owner chef Instagram

1-4.Grill Demi Tama/グリルデミ玉

Ikebukuro Hamburg Steak/Grill Demi TamaThey aim to be a hamburger that can be eaten 365 days a year.
You can eat Hamburg Steak (hamburgers without buns) at reasonable prices!

▼Official twitter

1-5.Otona no Hamburg/大人のハンバーグ

Ikebukuro Hamburg Steak/Otona no Hamburg
“Otona no Hamburg” means adult hamburg.
Hamburgers are generally considered a menu for children.

The hamburger steak in this restaurant uses Black Japanese Beef and is baked with Lavastone.
Let’s eat with chopsticks.
Put on the sauce
* If you add sauce to a hamburger steak, it will bounce.

Lunch set comes with rice and miso soup.

▼You can Reservation from here


Ikebukuro Hamburg Steak/Miura-no-Hamburg
You can eat Hamburg Steak Lunchset Menu at Miura-no-Hamburg At a great price.
I only saw the Japanese menu.
Let’s go eat with a friend who understands Japanese.

▼Official Twitter

1-7.Kitchen Nankai/キッチン南海

Ikebukuro Hamburg Steak/Kitchen Nankai
Kitchen Nankai is not a hamburg specialty store.
It is a Yoshoku(Western-style)restaurant, and one of the menus is hamburg steak.

Yoshoku is Japanese food that localizes Western food.
This is lunch set menu of this shop.

You can eat the basic menu of yoshoku at once.

  • Hamburgersteak
  • Croquette (← it looked like crab cream)
  • Chickencutlet
  • Currysauce (hamburg sauce)
  • napolitanspaghetti (no ingredients)
  • misosoup
  • rice

2.Ikebukuro West Hamburg Steak【2 Restaurants】


Ikebukuro Hamburg Steak/MiyazakiTei
MiyazakiTei is Miyazakibeef specialty store.
One of the recommended dishes at this restaurant is HamburgSteak (SalisburySteak) that can be eaten with salt.
Hamburger steak is like hamburger without bread.

Being able to eat with salt means that the ingredients have a solid taste.
It means that the ingredients are fresh and rich in flavor so that you don’t need seasoning.
Reasonable priced lunch set is recommended.

2-2.Hamburg wa Nomimono(drink)/ハンバーグは飲み物。

Ikebukuro Hamburg Steak/Hamburg wa Nomimono(drink)
Hamburg wa Nomimono means Hamburg can drink.
This shop offers hamburger steaks in a human-fist like form.

It is minced meat baked with onions, bread crumbs, etc and then topped sauce.
You can choose 3 free toppings

【MAP】Ikebukuro Hamburg Steak Restaurants


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