What To Eat in IKEBUKURO Station,Tokyo,Japan

What To Eat in IKEBUKURO Station,Tokyo,Japan Food ,What to eat
Eat in IKB Sta

“I want to have a quick meal at Ikebukuro station”
I will share the shops at Ikebukuro Station that are recommended for you.

Raman/Tsukemen in IKEBUKURO Station

1-1.Tokyo Underground Ramen Ganja/頑者 東京アンダーグラウンドラーメン

The shop has W soup, that mixes chicken soup and pork bone-based animal soup with fish soup such as dried bonito and bonito.

This shop was the first to use “fishmeal”, an ingredient often seen in tsukemen,

English menu available.
Please ask staffs.

▼Official site

1-2.TOKYO TONKOTSU BASE MADE by Hakata IPPUDO Ikebukuro/TOKYO豚骨BASE MADE by 博多一風堂 池袋店

This is a ” in station ramen shop ” produced by IPPUDO .
There are a variety of tonkotsu so that anyone can like one.

It is located the right of the Ikefukuro(←one of the symbols of Ikebukuro).

1-3.Ginza Kagari/銀座 篝 池袋エチカ店

The rich and delicate soup that uses domestic brand chicken to maximize the flavor is delicious.
Delicately arranged, it looks beautiful.
It is a shop where even a single woman can easily enter.

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2.Soba/Buckwheat noodles in IKEBUKURO Station

2-1.Nadai Fuji Soba/名代富士そば

※The photo is the West Exit shops

Fuji soba has a wide variety of soba toppings.
Fuji Soba also offers katsudon, oyakodon(Chicken and egg bowl), and curry.
Ikebukuro has three stores, Fuji Soba.
The “Ikebukuro store (not the Ikebukuro east exit store)” at the Ikebukuro east exit seems to be the most used for foreigners.

On the official website of Fuji Soba, videos explain how to order.
We recommend going to Fuji Soba after watching.

▼Offcial website

3.Yoshoku(Western food) in IKEBUKURO Station

Yoshoku(Western food) is a Japanese food that has been localized from western foods since the Meiji era (the era when modernization of Japan is said to have started).

3-1.Taimeiken in Ikebukuro Seibu Department Store(BF)/日本橋たいめいけん(西武池袋本店地下1階)

The store is located in the grocery section of Seibu Department Store from the basement of Ikebukuro Station.

You can eat popular menus of Western restaurants in Nihonbashi at the eat-in corner on the first basement floor of Seibu Department Store.

Not chicken rice but ketchup rice,
Ketchup instead of Demigra sauce

There is no English menu, so let’s go with friends who can speak Japanese.

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3-2.R beckers/Rベッカーズ

You can have Roast beef mountain at R beckers in Ikebukuro east exit .
Topping the Hotspring egg.
Roast Beef on a pile of rice.
There is a menu with English.

You can also order by touch panel.
Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean

▼Official website

4.Stand-Up Eating Sushi Shop in IKEBUKURO Station

A long time ago, sushi was offered at the stalls.
The provision of law food at stalls was banned after the Pacific War.
Then, we started bringing stalls into the store to serve sushi.
Standing up Sushi may be the origin of sushi.

4-1.Tachigui Midori Sushi in Echika Ikebukuro/立喰美登利 エチカ池袋店

Normally, there is a lunch set that you can eat for 500 yen during the daytime on weekdays.
You can order even if you don’t understand Japanese.
So I recommend it.

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