【9】Things to do in Sunshine City 60 , Ikebukuro,Tokyo!Recommended by locals

【9】Things to do in Sunshine City 60 , Ikebukuro,Tokyo!Recommended by locals Culture

Ikebukuro locals share what to do at Sunshine 60, a recommended sightseeing spot in Sunshine City.

1.Enjoy the view from 251m at Sunshine 60 Observatory Tenbo Park

サンシャイン60展望台 てんぼうパークで、海抜251mからの眺めを堪能

Speaking of Sunshine 60, the observatory on the 60th floor is popular.
The photo is at night, but you can also see the superb view during the day when the weather is good.

1-1.What is the height of Tenbo Park? I compared it with the observatory in Tokyo

I compared the height and price of the observatory in Tokyo ( ̄▽+ ̄*)
*Researched by Ikebukuro Geek in June 2023. Please let me know if there are any omissions! !

rankNameAreaHeightAdmission fee (example)
1TOKYO SKYTREEOshiage(Sumida-ku,Tokyo)Tembo Galleria (450m)
Tembo Deck (350m)
Combo Ticket(Tembo Galleria+ Tembo Deck)¥2,700-
2Tokyo City View,Sky DeckRoppongi Hills Mori Tower (Minato-ku,Tokyo)Sky Deck(Rooftop Observation Deck)270m
Tokyo City View(Indoor Observation Deck)250m
Tokyo City View¥2,000-/Sky Deck ¥500
3Sunshine 60 Observatory Tenbo ParkIkebukuro(Toshima-ku,Tokyo)251m¥700-
4TokyoTowerShiba Park(Minato-ku,Tokyo)Top Deck(250m)
Main Deck(150m)
Main Deck(150m)¥1,200-/
Top Deck Tour(150m&250m ¥2,800-
5SHIBUYA SKYShibuya(Shibuya-ku,Tokyo)229m ¥2,200-

Tokyo Metropolitan Government South ObservatoryNishi Shinzyuku(Shinjuku-ku)202mfree

Comparing the price and height, Sunshine 60 is recommended!

サンシャイン60展望台 てんぼうパーク

Not only can you enjoy the scenery, but you can also enjoy original sweets and drinks that can only be tasted here.
Let’s enjoy it together with the superb view from the 60th floor.

> Sunshine 60 Observatory Tenbo Park

2.Jellyfish and flying penguins!Sunshine Aquarium

クラゲに、空飛ぶペンギン!サンシャイン水族館 Sunshine Aquarium

At the “Sunshine Aquarium” on the roof of the World Import Mart Building, there is the largest water jellyfish tanks in Japan, about 14 meters wide,

Innovative exhibits such as flying penguins are popular.
Special exhibitions are also held from time to time, so be sure to check the official website.

>Sunshine Aquarium

3.Close to the night sky! Konica Minolta Planetarium “Manten”

Along with the aquarium, this Konica Minolta Planetarium “Manten” is popular.
In addition to general chair seats, there are also premium seats called “grass seats” and “cloud seats”.

Let’s enjoy the planetarium for adults.

>Konica Minolta Planetarium

4.World’s largest class! Find your favorite on the wall of the capsule toy machine


On the 3rd floor of the World Import Mart Building, there are about 3,000 gashapon machines(capsule toy machines), one of the largest in the world.
Find your favourite.

5.Bandai Namco content gathered in Ikebukuro! Cross Store Tokyo

バンダイナムコのコンテンツが、池袋に集結!Cross Store 東京

“BANDAI NAMCO Cross Store” is a place where you can “watch,” “touch,” and “experience” the content developed by each of the BANDAI NAMCO Group companies.
Bandai Namco’s content, such as Kamen Rider and Ultraman, is huge.
If you come here, you can meet “I know this”, surely.

>バンダイナムコ Cross Store 東京

6.Various ways to enjoy ♪ NAMJATOWN

NAMJATOWN consists of four blocks: Nyanja Town, Dokkingham Square, Fukubukuro 7-chome Shopping Street, and Mononoke Bangaichi.

There are attractions and collaborations for a limited time.
It seems that you can play in various ways.

7.Even bad weather is OK! ? The Ancient Orient Museum

Located on the 7th floor of the Sunshine City Bunka Kaikan Building, this is Japan’s first museum dedicated to the ancient Orient.
Regardless of the weather, you can take your time and look around, so be sure to visit on a rainy day (even on a sunny day).

>The Ancient Orient Museum, Tokyo

8.You can see the fountain show once every 30 minutes!Fountain Plaza


Various events are held at the Fountain Plaza in the basement of Sunshine City on weekends.
When events are not being held, three types of fountain performances combining video, music, and lighting are performed using one of the largest indoor large-scale commercial facilities in Japan.

>Fountain Plaza

9.Not just OTOME(women OTAKU)! A mecca for anime, manga and games beyond Akihabara

Sunshine City is full of official shops for anime, manga, and games.
Surpassing Akihabara, it is establishing itself as the No. 1 spot for manga and anime.
When a cosplay event is held at a nearby park, you may see people dressed as characters.

There are many shops with the theme of works that everyone knows, so even light anime lovers can enjoy it.

9-1.Hello Kitty, my melody! You can meet that character♪SANRIO CAFE

How to eat in (use cafe seat) at Sanrio Cafe Ikebukuro

It’s not an anime, manga, or game, but (; ̄ー ̄A Japan’s world-class character.

Even if eat-in is crowded (reservations cannot be made), if you take out (and eat there), you can meet Sanrio characters without lining up.

>【公式】SANRIO CAFE(サンリオカフェ)

9-2.Pokémon Center MEGA TOKYO

ポケモンセンターメガトウキョー & ピカチュウスイーツ

“Pokémon Center Mega Tokyo” is home to “Pokémon GO Lab.”, the world’s first official Pokémon GO space.
Not only can you buy goods, but there are many places where you can take pictures with Pokemon.
Let’s visit Alpa’s 2nd floor.

>Pokémon Center MEGA TOKYO

9-3.Pikachu Sweets by Pokemon cafe

Pikachu Sweets by Pokemon cafe(ピカチュウスイーツ by ポケモンカフェ)

A pastel-colored Pokemon spot near Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo.
Because it is a takeout specialty store, you can use it without reservation.
Eating and drinking inside the store is prohibited, but let’s enjoy taking a commemorative photo with the pastel-colored Pokemon♪

>Pikachu Sweets by Pokemon cafe

9-4.The official goods shop of “ONE PIECE”!Mugiwara Store

Explore the shops for each anime and character work!

Mugiwara Store is the official goods shop of “ONE PIECE”.
“Mugiwara” is the straw hat that Luffy wears,I think.
There are also photo spots and merchandise sold only at the Mugiwara Store.

>Mugiwara Store

9-5.Crayon Shin-chan Cinema Parade


A new concept store commemorating the 30th anniversary of the Crayon Shin-chan movie.
Inside the store, there are exhibits and interiors filled with the history of 30 movies!
Enjoy the world of Crayon Shin-chan.


9-6.Ghibli’s Donguri Republic

ジブリがいっぱい どんぐり共和国

Conscience of the Japanese animation world, Ghibli’s shop “Donguri Republic”
Donguri means acorn.
It is located on the basement floor of Alpa, not on the 2nd and 3rd floors of World Import Mart Building, where anime shops are concentrated.
Mr. Totoro is waiting at the bus stop, so please look for him.


【summary】What to do in Sunshine 60? Recommended Spots by Ikebukuro locals

We have compiled a list of recommended sightseeing spots in Ikebukuro’s landmark Sunshine City.
In addition to the aquarium and observatory, there are also spots where you can enjoy the world of anime.
You can enjoy it even on rainy days ♪ Let’s enjoy Sunshine 60 in Ikebukuro.

>Sunshine City

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