Fake Food Sample Making Experience ,near Ikebukuro,Tokyo,Japan Culture

Fake Food Sample Making Experience ,near Ikebukuro,Tokyo,Japan
You can have a Fake Food Sample Making Experience near Ikebukuro.
I’ve already experienced it, so I’m sharing it.

1.One station from Ikebukuro (Tokyo)! Experience food sample making in Kitaikebukuro

From Ikebukuro Station (Tokyo), take the Tobu Tojo Line to Kita-Ikebukuro Station.
I went to the “Yamato Sample Factory No. 3 Workshop”, which is about a 5-minute walk from Kita-Ikebukuro Station, and made a food sample.

I made ramen this time.

The ramen on the upper right is a sample, and the others are a set of ingredients.

The main materials for food samples are wax and vinyl.
In ramen, green onions are vinyl and everything else is wax.

Charsiu ,NARUTO, MENMA made of wax are soaked in hot water and warmed.
The spinach on the bottom right is left as it is because it doesn’t change shape much.

I’m going to cut the green onions that have been cut into the bellows.

The yellow-green and white cross section looks like green onions.

The char siu is uneven, and the MENMA are wrinkled.
I dared to finish NARUTO with a smooth.

It warms the ramen noodles and makes it easier to shape them.

Roll it up little by little and line it up.

I’m impressed by the ingenuity to “make it look like the real thing” everywhere.

When served in a bowl, it looks like real ramen.

I’m having the staff braze the noodles and bowl.

Pour a soup made of gelatin (← it seems that preservatives are included) on the noodles.

Once the ingredients are served, the dish is provisionally completed.

While the gelatin hardens (about 5 minutes), let’s take a look at the samples in the studio.

Shrimp tempura and fried shrimp.

After about 5 minutes, the ramen was completed.

It’s like ramen for take out (* ̄ー ̄*)

During the experience, I was taught about food samples and learned a lot.

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