5 Best Craft Beer Breweries near 【IKEBUKURO】in Tokyo,+3 original beers

5 Best Craft Beer Breweries near 【IKEBUKURO】in Tokyo Food ,What to eat

There are several craft breweries near Ikebukuro (Tokyo).
It’s just the right distance for a walk, so it might be fun to visit craft beer breweries in the Ikebukuro area.
Let’s look at the brewing tanks and taste “homemade beer” and “craft beer” made near Ikebukuro.

1.Kanamecho! A craft beer brewery within walking distance from Ikebukuro

1-1 Snark Liquidworks:スナーク リキッドワークス

Snark Liquidworks:スナーク リキッドワークス

This brewpub is located inside Nishi Ikebukuro Mart on Rikkyo Dori from Ikebukuro West Exit towards Kanamecho.
It’s a little-known spot that may not be noticed because it’s too hidden.

Craft beer is brewed in a tank that can be seen in the back.
If you like the feeling of renovating an old building, let’s go.
>スナーク リキッドワークス: Snark Liquidworks

2.Near Ikebukuro! Craft beer brewery between Mejiro and Zoshigaya

2-1.Inkhorn Brewing:インクホーンブルーイング

Inkhorn Brewing:インクホーンブルーイング

Inkhorn Brewing is a craft beer brewery located seven minutes on foot from JR Mejiro Station along Mejiro Street in the direction of Zoshigaya.

Inkhorn Brewing:インクホーンブルーイング

Order near the entrance → They will pour you plenty, so don’t spill it, go to the standing drinking area.
Let’s enjoy craft beer while admiring the brewing tank.

>inkhorn_brewing 公式インスタ

3.Dotted at one station from Ikebukuro! NAMACHAN stand x Smoke Beer Factory

Smoke Beer Factory’s beer brewery is “NAMACHA Brewing (3 stores)”, where you can enjoy smoked beer using home-smoked malt.

3-1.NAMACHAN Stand Shiinamachi/NAMACHAんスタンド 椎名町店

NAMACHAんスタンド 椎名町店

One station from Ikebukuro Station on the Seibu Ikebukuro Line, the north exit of Shiinamachi Station, at the end of Sun Road, is NAMACHAN Stand Shiinamachi.
It is an annexed store of NAMACHAN Brewing No. 2 Brewery.

NAMACHAんスタンド 椎名町店

Is it okay to let a girl (Nama-chan) appeal to beer?
Nama-chan is there, so it’s easy for women to enter alone.
Let’s enjoy flavor beer while enjoying photography.

>NAMACHAんスタンド 椎名町店 公式インスタ

3-2.The area around Ikebukuro is dotted with members of the NAMACHAN stand

Geek can only go to the Shiinamachi store, but the NAMACHA’s stand friends are scattered about one station away from Ikebukuro.
It’s not in Ikebukuro, and it’s interesting to feel like attacking the surroundings ♪


2 minutes walk from Otsuka Station South Exit
The first beer brewery in Toshima Ward
Original beer and smoked dishes.

>NAMACHAん Brewing公式インスタ

NAMACHAN Stand Kita Ikebukuro

3-minute walk from Kita-Ikebukuro Station on the Tobu Tojo Line
A store attached to NAMACHAN Brewing No. 3 Brewery.
A bottle shop, smoked food store, and a beer stand complex store.

>NAMACHAんスタンド 北池袋店公式twitter

Smoke Beer Factory Kanamecho

The Kanamecho store is said to be the first Smoke Beer Factory store.
Craft beer and smoked food shop
The interior has a calm atmosphere like a full-fledged bar

>Smoke Beer Factory要町店 公式インスタ

Smoke Beer Factory Higashi Nagasaki

1 minute walk from Higashi-Nagasaki Station on the Seibu Ikebukuro Line
Craft beer and smoked food shop.

>SmokeBeerFactory東長崎 公式インスタ

4. A shop where you can drink “original beer” in Ikebukuro

Although it is not brewed at the shop, there are places where you can enjoy original beer that can only be found in Ikebukuro.
If you like beer and come to Ikebukuro, let’s drink it♪

4-1.RICH ISLAND @ RACINES FARM TO PARK (Minami Ikebukuro Park)

It is thought that it was named “RICH ISLAND” from the name of the area “Toshima Ward”
“Toshima(豊島)” can be read as “rich island”.

This is an original beer from Racine’s store.

Drink at Minami Ikebukuro Park on a summer night! is recommended.


4-2. Itabashi 22 Ale, Itabashi 22 IPA @ MUJI Itabashi Minamicho 22

板橋22エール、板橋22IPA@無印良品 板橋南町22

Just ahead of Kanamecho.
MUJI Itabashi Minamicho 22, which values the local community, offers two types of beer produced in collaboration with a local brewery.

  • Itabashi 22 Ale [photo]
    by NAMACHA’s stand
  • Itabashi 22IPA
    by Snark Liquidworks

Especially recommended is the season when you can see the cherry blossoms in the park over the parking lot.

>MUJI Itabashi Minamicho 22

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