Listen to My Japanese History

When I travel in Asia, I try to visit places related to Japan. It's usually a battle ruins. Japan appears as a "bad ...

Autumn leaves【10】 in Ikebukuro,Tokyo , Japan

I will share the autumn leaves spots that you can walk from Ikebukuro station. ▼within 30min. Ikebukuro Sta ...

Diner(Set Meal Shop)Ikebukuro,Tokyo, Japan

In Ikebukuro, there is a set meal shop where you can eat various side dishes little by little. Mostly with rice and mis...

Rice ball(called “ONIGIRI”)near Ikebukuro,Tokyo,Japan

Rice ball(called "ONIGIRI") is a Japanese food made from white rice, seaweed and fillings. You can eat rice balls anywh...

Old Folk House Cafe near Ikebukuro,Tokyo, Japan

In Ikebukuro, there is a cafe that uses an old folk house. Let's experience the good old "Japan". 1.Old Folk House C...

Ikebukuro Chicken-Katsu(Don,Curry)Tokyo, Japan

There is a restaurant in Ikebukuro where chicken cutlets are delicious. 1.Ikebukuro【2】Chicken-Katsu(Don,Curry) 1-1.S...

Ikebukuro Beef Stroganoff【2shop】Tokyo, Japan

Beef Stroganoff seems to be a menu often seen in Russian homes. You may not have Russian food in Japan, but... 1.Ike...

Ikebukuro Nikusushi【2shop】Tokyo, Japan

Speaking of sushi, it is a representative dish of Japan. It is common for fish fillets to be topped on rice seasoned wi...

Ikebukuro Yakiniku【3shop】Tokyo, Japan

Recommended for traveling alone! We will share a restaurant where you can grill meat by yourself. 1.Ikebukuro Yakinik...

Ikebukuro Roast Beef Bowl【2shops】Tokyo, Japan

"Roast beef mountain", which is a heap of rice topped with roast beef, is popular. 1.Ikebukuro Roast Beef Bowl【2shop】...
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