Ikebukuro Roast Beef Bowl【3shops】Tokyo, Japan

Ikebukuro Roast Beef Bowl【2shops】Tokyo, Japan Beef
Roast Beef Bowl

“Roast beef mountain”, which is a heap of rice topped with roast beef, is popular.

1.Ikebukuro Roast Beef Bowl【3shop】

1-1.Baker’s Diner/ベイカーズダイナー サンシャイン店

Ikebukuro Roast Beef Bowl/Baker's Diner
Dutch baby pancakes are their main.
However, the roast beef bowl is also delicious.

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1-2.R beckers/Rベッカーズ

Ikebukuro Roast Beef Bowl/R beckers
You can have Roast beef mountain at R beckers in Ikebukuro east exit .
Topping the Hotspring egg.
Roast Beef on a pile of rice.
There is a menu with English.

You can also order by touch panel.
Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean

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1-3.BATON Higashi Ikebukuro store /BATON 東池袋店

BATON Higashi Ikebukuro store /BATON 東池袋店

Button is an adult casual restaurant that can be done because it is a yakiniku x sushi series .

Meat and vegetables are delicious.
The interior was fashionable.

There is also a store at Tobu Department Store.

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【Map】Ikebukuro Beef shops

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