Ikebukuro Beef Stroganoff【2shop】Tokyo, Japan

Ikebukuro Beef Stroganoff【2shop】Tokyo, Japan 未分類
Beef Stroganoff

Beef Stroganoff seems to be a menu often seen in Russian homes.
You may not have Russian food in Japan, but…

1.Ikebukuro Beef Stroganoff【2shop】

Beef Stroganoff is a Russian Dish …


Ikebukuro Beef Stroganoff/Ganoff-Ya
You can enjoy white ganoff and black ganoff with various toppings

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1-2.Yoshoku wa Nomimono。/洋食は飲み物。

Ikebukuro Beef Stroganoff/Yoshoku wa Nomimono。
A Western-style restaurant(Yosyoku Shop) came out from the “飲み物。” known in Ikebukuro.
It is common to the series that there are 3 toppings.

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【Map】Ikebukuro Beef shops

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