Mt.Fuji near Ikebukuro in Tokyo ,FUJIZUKA(miniature fuji)You can go by Train

Mt.Fuji near Ikebukuro in Tokyo ,FUJIZUKA(miniature fuji)You can go by Train Culture

The Ikebukuro area (Tokyo) has Mt. Fuji (Mini Mt. Fuji: Fujizuka).

1.First of all, what is Fujizuka?

Fujizuka is an artificial mountain or mound made in the Edo period to resemble Mt. Fuji.

It is said that even those who cannot climb Mt.Fuji for various reasons can get the same miraculous experience as if they had climbed Mt.Fuji.

There are still some in Tokyo, but there are only a limited number of Fujizuka that can be climbed all the time( ̄ー ̄)o゛

2.You can climb anytime! Fujizuka in the Ikebukuro area

2-1.Otowa Fuji with beautiful double cherry blossoms@Gokokuji Temple


Take the Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line from Ikebukuro Station and there is Otowa Fuji at Gokokuji Temple, which is two stations away from Gokokuji Station.
After passing through the Niomon Gate, it is on the right side of the stairs leading to the Furomon Gate, behind the chozuya, so it is easy to miss.


It is one of the few fujizuka-like mounds that can be climbed at all times.
We recommend climbing together with Gokokuji Temple.

>Gokokuji Temple Offcial Site

2-2.The oldest Fujizuka in Edo! Takada Fuji @ Waseda MizuInari Shrine


From Ikebukuro, take the Toei Asakusa Line (Sakura Tram) and get off at Waseda.
Takada Fuji is at Mizuinari Shrine near Kansenen Park.


Takada Fuji moved to its current location in 1963 along with Mizuinari Shrine (Takada Inari).
In addition to Kansenen Park, Higo Hosokawa Garden is also nearby.
How about visiting a Japanese garden together on the Sakura Tram?

>早稲田水稲荷神社 公式サイト

2-3.Near Rikugien! Komagome Fuji @ Komagome Fuji Shrine


Komagome Fuji is located at Komagome Station, three stations away from Ikebukuro Station on the JR Yamanote Line.
There is a worship hall on top of a mountain that resembles Mt. Fuji, and it became one of the bases of Mt. Fuji worship during the Edo period.


At the end of June to the beginning of July, when the mountain season opens, the night stalls are crowded.
It is near Rikugien, so I recommend visiting them together.


3.You can climb the mountain opening and more! Fujizuka in the Ikebukuro area

It is a fujizuka, which is usually not climbable, but can be climbed during the opening of Mt(1st July).

3-1.3 stations from Ikebukuro 【Nationally Designated Cultural Property】 Ekoda Fuji


Take the Seibu Ikebukuro Line from Ikebukuro Station and take the Seibu Ikebukuro Line for 3 stops. Egoda Fuji, which is located at the north exit of Egoda Station, is located at Sengen Shrine.


Ekoda Fujizuka is about 8 meters high and about 30 meters in diameter, and is commonly called “Ekoda Fuji”.
The opening of the mountain is held on July 1st every year, and you can climb the mountain on New Year’s Day as well.

>【National Cultural Property】 Ekoda Fuji @ Sengen Shrine

3-2.”Asagao market” of parishioners volunteers! Ikebukuro Fuji @ Ikebukuro Hikawa Shrine


Two stations from Ikebukuro Station on the Tobu Tojo Line, a 7-minute walk from Shimoitabashi Station, and Ikebukuro Hikawa Shrine has Ikebukuro Fuji.
Ikebukuro Hikawa Shrine is the guardian deity of the northern and eastern areas of Ikebukuro.


Ikebukuro Fujizuka was built in 1912.
On June 30th, the Great Purification of Nagoshi, and on July 1st, the opening of the mountain, the “Asaagao(morning glory) Market” will be held by parishioners, and the opening of the mountain will be held on July 1st.

>池袋氷川神社 公式サイト

4.Can’t climb? Fujizuka in the Ikebukuro area

4-1.【National important tangible folk cultural property】Fujizuka in Toshima Nagasaki

Toshima Nagasaki’s Fujizuka is located in a residential area that can be reached by bus from Ikebukuro Station or on foot from Senkawa Station on the Fukutoshin Line.


The shape of the mound as a whole is wide and narrow, and the shape from the front is given priority to Mt. Fuji. It is made with the feeling of flattening out the image of Mt. Fuji.

Before the corona misfortune, I was able to climb when the mountain opened, but…


【MAP】Fujizuka in the Ikebukuro area

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