Ikebukuro Ramen Others【2shops】

Ikebukuro Ramen Others【2shops】 Food ,What to eat

I will share a unique ramen restaurant that does not fit in the usual categories.

1.Mendokoro Ippaku/麺処いっぱく

This shop has Brown Garlic Ramen.
It is located in Higashi Nagasaki Station 2stops from ikebukuro.
Actually, it is closer from Ochiai Minami-Nagasaki station on the Oedo line.

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2. Menba Rasen/麺場らせん

The recommended one is Gyukotu Ramen (beef bone ramen) .
Noodle in beef bone soup.
Smoked eggs is very good.
It is located near Higashinagasaki Station 2stops from Ikebukuro on Seibu Ikebukuro Line.

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Ikebukuro Ramen/tsukemen Map

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