Ikebukuro Nikusushi【2shop】Tokyo, Japan

Ikebukuro Nikusushi【2shop】Tokyo, Japan Beef

Speaking of sushi, it is a representative dish of Japan.
It is common for fish fillets to be topped on rice seasoned with vinegar.
Some of them are meat(Niku means Meat) sushi.

1.Ikebukuro Niku-Sushi【2shop】

1-1.MIHACHI/御八 池袋店

Ikebukuro Meatsushi,Nikusushi/MIHACHI
You can offer Yonezawa beef in the best condition
Meat dishes such as motsu-nabe, horse sashimi, and yakitori
There are more than 30 types of sake from all over Japan.
* Charge is required

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1-2.NikuSushi/肉寿司 池袋東口店

Ikebukuro Meatsushi,Nikusushi/NikuSushi
I recommend a lunch set which you can eat 8 kinds of meat sushi in one plate.

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