Explore Ikebukuro West to Mejiro (Walks & Tours)Architecture, Art

Explore Ikebukuro West to Mejiro (Walks & Tours)Architecture, Art Experience

Although Ikebukuro has the impression of being noisy, the area between the west exit of Ikebukuro Station and JR Mejiro Station is full of spots that tickle your intellectual curiosity, such as architecture, art, and culture. Please take a walk and discover a new Ikebukuro.

1.【Start】Ikebukuro Station West Exit

Now, Leave Ikebukuro West Exit!

1 minute walk

2.Sanrio Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro Store

There is a Sanrio store on the 1st floor of Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro store. Hello Kitty, My Melody, and others are smiling at the west (center) exit of Ikebukuro Station and the entrance of Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro Store.
It’s great that the main characters are cosplaying as owls for Ikebukuro.

However, this is the entrance to Tobu Department Store (I took this photo early in the morning, before the store opened), so there were a lot of people passing by, so it was difficult to take a commemorative photo.

Here’s what I recommend.
Main characters such as Hello Kitty, My Melody, and Badtz-Maru are lined up in owl costumes.

This signboard, located in the basement of the west exit of JR Ikebukuro Station in front of the Mizuho Bank ATM, has less foot traffic. Let’s take a photo to commemorate your visit to Ikebukuro.

>東武百貨店 池袋店1F サンリオ

1 minute walk

3. Toshima Ward Ikebukuro West Gate Park

Ikebukuro West Gate Park is visited by many people who like the drama and anime IWGP (Ikebukuro West Gate Park). Events are held on weekends almost every week.

A must-see at Ikebukuro West Gate Park is the fountain. At first glance, it appears that there are no fountains in Ikebukuro West Exit Park. At a set time, water gushes out from a hole in the ground and turns into a fountain. At night, there is also a light display.

The fountain will be canceled during events, so be sure to check the schedule.
*During the winter season (mid-January to mid-March), the waterway is closed due to the risk of frozen road surfaces.

>池袋西口公園野外劇場グローバルリング シアター

1 minute walk

4.Tokyo Metropolitan Theater

Tokyo Metropolitan Theater is a theater adjacent to Ikebukuro West Exit Park, where music, drama, opera, dance, etc. are performed.
Of course it’s a theater, but it’s also a great building.

In the lobby of the concert hall (5th floor), there is a ceiling painting by Koji Kinutani, which can be viewed any time the theater is open.

The emergency stairs are red and green, Christmas colors.

The concert hall also has one of the world’s largest pipe organs. We recommend seeing this at the “Pipe Organ Concert” held once every few months.

>絹谷幸二 天空美術館


8 minutes walk

5.【Closed until October 2024】 Former Edogawa Ranpo Residence (Popular Culture Research Center)

Rikkyo University is home to the former Edogawa Ranpo mansion, where Ranpo Edogawa, known for his mystery novels and Detective Boys novels, moved repeatedly and settled. The storehouse is especially worth seeing.

Edogawa Ranpo has recently become a character in the manga and anime Bungo Stray Dogs. He may gain new fans.


4 minutes walk

6.Rikkyo University Daiichi Shokudo(First Cafeteria)

The Daiichi Shokudo in Rikkyo University is sometimes compared to the “Harry Potter diner” due to its brick exterior and stucco walls.

Completed in 1919. It has been selected as a historic building by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. Although it is a student cafeteria, anyone can use it.

>立教大学 池袋キャンパス施設紹介 第一食堂

11 minutes walk

7.Jiyū Gakuen Myonichikan

Jiyu Gakuen Myonichikan was built in 1921 as a school building for Jiyu Gakuen, which was founded by Motoko Hanyu and Yoshikazu Hanyu, and was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Part of the cafeteria and lecture hall were designed by Arata Endo, who was Wright’s disciple.

You can freely look around the building during the visiting hours.
Please check the schedule in advance on the official website of Jiyu Gakuen Myonichikan.

>重要文化財 自由学園明日館

6 minutes walk

8.Mejiro Garden


A small Japanese garden surrounding a pond where you can enjoy seasonal flowers and autumn leaves. The photo shows autumn leaves, but the weeping cherry blossoms in spring are also beautiful. In early May, baby spot-billed ducks are born, which warms the hearts of visitors.

>Toshima Ward Mejiro Garden

4 minutes walk

9.Kyoto Sanjo Confectionery Kan’eido

ステンドグラスに天井画!京都三条菓子司 寛永堂
Kyoto Sanjo Confectionery Kan’eido is a Japanese confectionery store with its main branch in Kyoto. They continue to make authentic Japanese sweets without any decoration.

ステンドグラスに天井画!京都三条菓子司 寛永堂
There is a cafe space, ceiling paintings, stained glass, and other real things that you won’t notice unless you go inside.

>京都三条菓子司 寛永堂 目白店

2 minutes walk

10.【Goal】JR Mejiro Station

JR Mejiro Station’s stained glass windows shine at night.
There are Japanese white-eye (birds) among the blooming flowers, so please look for them.

【Summary】From Ikebukuro West Exit to JR Mejiro Station! Walking course

Ikebukuro may give the impression of being noisy, but the area from the west exit to Mejiro Station is full of spots that tickle your intellectual curiosity, such as architecture, art, and culture.
Let’s discover “Ikebukuro” that you didn’t know about.

【MAP】JR Mejiro Station from Ikebukuro West Exit! Architecture and art walking course

Explore Ikebukuro West to Mejiro (Walks & Tours)Architecture, Art

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