Plum Blossom near Ikebukuro in Tokyo,Japan

Plum Blossom near Ikebukuro in Tokyo,Japan Experience

Near Ikebukuro (Tokyo), there are parks where plum blossoms bloom, Japanese gardens, shrines, and temples, although they cannot be called “plum groves.” It heralds the end of the harsh winter season with its lovely fragrance. Enjoy the seasons with your senses of sight and smell.

1.【Within walking distance from Ikebukuro Station】 A spot where you can enjoy plum blossoms

A place where plum blossoms are blooming within walking distance from Ikebukuro Station. This is a place where you can see plum trees, but it is not a plum colony.

1-1.Mejiro Garden

※Photographed on February 13, 2021

A small Japanese garden that can be reached in about 10 minutes on foot from the west exit of Ikebukuro Station (3 minutes on foot from JR Mejiro Station).
It takes about 3 minutes to walk around the pond, but there is also a waterfall, and spot-on ducks and carp are swimming in the pond, giving it a nice atmosphere.

There are red and white plum trees near the entrance and in the back square.

>Mejiro Garden Offcial site
※The park will be closed from February 13th to March 31st, 2024.

1-2.Ikebukuro Mitake Shrine

※Photo taken on February 27, 2021

Ikebukuro Mitake Shrine, the guardian deity of Nishi-Ikebukuro, is about a 10-minute walk from Ikebukuro Station. Inari Shrine is also attached, with red torii gates lined up.
Let’s enjoy the red plum blossoms while visiting the guardian deity of Nishi-Ikebukuro.

>Ikebukuro Mitake Shrine Offcial site

1-3.Iko Inarido

※Photographed on January 25, 2023

”Iko Inarido” stands in the alley leading from Ikebukuro East Exit/Higashi Dori towards Kishimojindo and Zoshigaya. It is a labyrinth in Ikebukuro with a series of red torii gates. If you’re lucky, a cat may act as your guide.

>Iko Inarido Offcial Site

2.【Less than 30 minutes by train or bus from Ikebukuro Station!】There is also a plum grove!

Although there are plum trees within walking distance from Ikebukuro Station, I have never seen a plum grove (according to Geek research). If you’re attracted to plum groves, get on the train and go!

2-1.*With plum grove*Koishikawa Korakuen Garden【3 stations from Ikebukuro Station】

Koishikawa Korakuen, located 3 stops from Ikebukuro Station on the Marunouchi Line: Korakuen Station, has a plum garden. During the coldest period of the year, known as the ”大寒(だいかん)Great Cold”, you can enjoy seeing ice on the water and hanging snow.

>Koishikawa Korakuen Garden Offcial Site

2-2.*With plum grove*Tetsugakudo Park【Less than 15 minutes by bus from Ikebukuro Station West Exit】

From the west exit of Ikebukuro Station, take the Kokusai Kogyo Bus [Ike 11] and arrive at Tetsugakudo Park in less than 15 minutes.
It was founded by the late Dr. Enryo Inoue, a philosopher and founder of Toyo University, as a place for spiritual training, and was designated as a national scenic spot in March 2020.
Admire the seasonal trees and old buildings such as plum blossoms, cherry blossoms, azaleas, and autumn leaves.

>Tetsugakudo Park Offcial Site

2-3.Koyasu Inari Shrine

※March 8, 2022

Koyasu Inari Shrine, located in a residential area a 15-minute walk or less than 10 minutes by bus from Ikebukuro Station’s east exit, is the guardian deity of Kami-Ikebukuro.
Although it is known for its Kawazu cherry blossoms, it also has plum blossoms as well. There are monthly limited goshuin stamps, so why not get one?

>Koyasu Inari Shrine Offcial Site

2-4.Higo Hosokawa Garden【Sakura Tram 4 stations from Zoshigaya】

※Photographed on February 25, 2021

From Ikebukuro Station, you can walk to Zoshigaya and take the Toden (Sakura Tram) to Waseda to reach Higo Hosokawa Garden.
You can enjoy Higo camellia and weeping white plums, and of course there are red plums as well.

>Higo Hosokawa Garden Offcial Site

2-5.Gokokuji Temple【2 stations from Ikebukuro Station】

※Photo taken on February 22, 2021

From Ikebukuro Station, take the Yurakucho Subway Line to Gokokuji Station, which is two stops away from Gokokuji Station. There is Fujizuka that you can climb anytime, and there is also a statue of the Great Buddha.
Seasonal flowers such as cherry blossoms and autumn leaves are also beautiful. Enjoy the Japanese atmosphere.

>Daihonzan Gokokuji Temple Offcial Site

2-6.Kongoin 【1 station from Ikebukuro】


At Kongo-in Temple, located one station from Ikebukuro Station, weeping white plum blossoms are beautiful.
It blooms in There are also red plum blossoms near the Manga Jizo statue, which is named after Tokiwaso, a sacred place for manga. Why not take the opportunity to visit Tokiwaso Manga Museum?
>Kongoin Offcial Site

3.【MAP】Less than 30 minutes from Ikebukuro! Recommended spots for plum blossom viewing

4.Other than plums! Flowers viewing spots around Ikebukuro

地元民が、池袋のお花見スポット(桜)を集めました。 1.池袋東口エリア!桜×花見のおすすめスポット【7選】 1-1.【池袋東口】威光山法明寺で、桜を眺めつつ屋台でくつろぐ 池袋東口から、雑司ヶ谷(鬼子母神堂)方面への抜け道にある威光山法明寺...
池袋の公園には、もみじはもちろん、桜の葉っぱ、プラタナスなどの紅葉、イチョウの黄葉など、秋になると色づく樹木がたくさんあります。 ライトアップはされていなくても、夜の紅葉が楽しめる場所も多いです。 秋晴れの日に、お散歩をしてみてはいかがでし...
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