Ikebukuro MisoRamen 【6】Shops (Restaurants),Tokyo

Ikebukuro MisoRamen 【6】Shops (Restaurants),Tokyo Food ,What to eat

We picked up miso ramen recommended by locals in Ikebukuro.
I would be happy if I could help you, if you are looking for “miso ramen in Ikebukuro” ( ̄▽+ ̄*)

1.Ikebukuro【East】Miso Ramen! Recommended 2 Shops

1-1.It’s so rich!Naritake Ikebukuro

めちゃくちゃ濃厚!こってりらーめん なりたけ 池袋店

Take the east exit of Ikebukuro Station and walk along Meiji-dori towards Zoshigaya.
The flavor and soup are rich, just as it is called “Kotteri(こってり・It means rich”).
There are 6 stores mainly in Chiba.

>【Official Website】 Naritake

1-2.Restaurant with long lines!Mendokoro Hanada

池袋屈指の行列店!麺処 花田 池袋店

Landmark of Ikebukuro: A ramen shop with one of the longest lines in Ikebukuro, located at the base of Sunshine City.
I’m happy that the increase in vegetables and garlic is free.
The line is relatively short around 15:00-16:00 on weekdays.

There is also a store in Ueno.

>【Official Website】Hanada

1.Ikebukuro【Weat】Miso Ramen! Recommended 3 Restaurants

2-1.There is a second floor like a hideout! Manbaken Daidai Ikebukuro

隠れ家のような2階があるよ!萬馬軒 橙 池袋店

A ramen shop in Ikebukuro Nishi Ichibangai.
Founded in 1988, there are also shops in Shinjuku, Kudanshita, and Umegaoka.
I am deeply moved by the large amount of vegetables.

Climbing the narrow stairs leads to the second floor, which is like a hideaway.

>【Official Website】Manbaken Daidai Ikebukuro

2-2.From Hanamichian in Nogata! Tasakaya

野方の花道庵出身!味噌麺処 田坂屋

This shop was opened by a person who worked at Hanamichian, a famous miso ramen shop in Nogata.
If you look at the official twitter, you can see that he is loved by seniors.
I’m glad that there is “IWGP super spicy ramen” that seems to be named after Ikebukuro West Gate Park

Let’s enjoy rich miso (pictured is miso ramen + ajitama).

>【Official twitter】Tasakaya

2-3.Miso from Bankara! Asahikawa Miso Ramen Bankara

ばんからの味噌!旭川味噌ラーメン ばんから

Asahikawa Miso Ramen Bankara in Ikebukuro Nishi Ichibangai.
As the name suggests, it is a miso ramen brand of Bankara, which has its main store in Ikebukuro.
A pile of bean sprouts is crunchy and delicious♪

They have multiple stores.

>【Official twitter】 Asahikawa Miso Ramen Bankara

3.Miso ramen in 【KanameCho】 within walking distance from Ikebukuro! Recommended 1 choice


If you walk from Ikebukuro West Exit to Azalea Street (Kanamecho Street?) to visit Kanamecho, you will find a ramen shop almost in Kanamecho.
Recently re-opened and clean.

The thick and thick char siu that looks like a log melts into pieces (* ̄ー ̄*)
It’s a bit of a walk from Ikebukuro, but it’s worth the walk.

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